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For your business to be successful you must be able to close small business sales, whether your customers are consumers or other businesses. These articles focus on the sales process, people and systems you need to boost your bottom line.

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How Can I Generate More Sales?

If you want your small business to sell more, there are a number of ways to boost your bottom line. Here are some tips and resources to use to help you find a strategy or tactic that works for you.

How Do Small Businesses Make Sales?

The best way for your small business to makes sales is to create a sales process that moves your customer base through the sales cycle from lead to customer. It’s a template that defines your sales cycle and leads to repeat business and profits.


Even if you sell directly to people in a retail store, understanding the sales cycle from the point they walk in your door until they complete a purchase is an important key to success.


Creating your own process will bump up your bottom line. Each company is unique and the steps it follows can often be different. It’s a highly individualized process, and one well worth the time to develop.

How Can I Get Free Leads?

If you’re looking for free leads, content marketing is a great way to encourage website visitors to give you their name and email address. The key to doing this is by creating a lead magnet. This is a piece of content — an ebook, infographic, tips sheet, or some other useful piece of information — that they need to fill in a form to get.


Once they fill in the form, the lead magnet is made available to them to download or sent via email. More importantly, you have just received their name and email address from the form, both of which can be used to market directly to your new lead via email.


Eventually, you can nurture that free lead into a sale and the main benefit of a lead magnet will become clear: once you create a piece of content, you can use it to capture free leads for years to come.

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