October 23, 2016


tax refunds

How to Get Your Share of Consumer Tax Refunds

You may be expecting consumers to go on a spending spree after receiving their tax refunds this year. But guess what? Consumers actually seem to be in a saving mood this tax season. How do you get them to spend their money with you?

tax expensing rules 2

New Tax Expensing and Depreciation Rules

How do you go about writing purchases for your business off on your taxes? There are new rules and lots of options for small businesses. Here's a look at some new tax expensing and depreciation rules for this year.

top 20 tax deductions (1)

Top 20 Tax Deductions for Small Business

Tax season is rough on a lot of small businesses. But the ability to deduct expenses and other items from the amount you owe is a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Check out these 20 tax deductions that small businesses can take this year.

IRS email scam

How to Spot an IRS Email Scam Message

It's tax season and it's also time when inboxes everywhere are filled with phishing emails purporting to be from the IRS. Here's what you should do when receiving one.

times square

Could New York Actually be Planning Small Business Tax Cuts?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced small business tax cuts in his state. The move has another side, of course. A day before announcing the cuts, he pushed for a state minimum wage at $15 per hour that got many in a lather.


Tax Planning Ahead with Certainty – Really?

Congressional approval of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act means small businesses have a better idea of what their taxes will be ahead of time this coming year and into the future.

IRS bldg

IRS Unveils Initiative to Address Late Payroll Taxes

A new program from the IRS is designed to alleviate the burden of late payroll taxes and other fees associated with employers who are late or expect to be late paying their payroll taxes.

tax tablet

Is Your Tax Data Safe? A New Campaign Seeks to Educate

The IRS is acknowledging the growing risk of cyber security and has launched a new program that aims to make taxpayers more aware of the sensitive nature of their tax information and has implemented new security safeguards to keep taxpayers safe from cyber attacks.

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