October 24, 2016


tax telephone scam

Tax Scams are Once Again on the Rise

One report suggests that a telephone tax scam is afoot. Scammers are calling random individuals using a threatening tone and attempting to get sensitive information from their targets.

health insurance form

New Tax Penalty Targets Health Reimbursement Accounts

Think you're helping your employees offset the cost of health insurance mandated by the Affordable Care Act with supplemental income? Think again. A new IRS rule aims to fine any business that provides employees with more pay to cover insurance costs.

health insurance

5 Tax Related Changes for Your Healthcare in 2016

Your healthcare coverage is changing in 2016. Did you know that? More importantly, do you now how? Here tax expert Barbara Weltman has some details about the changes and what they will mean to your business.

apple watch

4 Tax Questions Without Answers

Is your new Apple Watch a tax deduction? Or will that attempt at writing it off get you in hot water with the IRS? That question and several others are one for which there is no simple answer.

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