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Angel Investment Strategy - Why Are Angel Investors So Undiversified?

Why Are Angel Investors So Undiversified?

If most new small businesses fail, then why are angel investors still putting all their proverbial eggs in one basket? They should be diversifying their investments instead.

investment philosophies

Is Your Angel Investor Playing Power Ball or Money Ball?

If investing in successful companies was easy, everybody would be doing it. In fact, investing in businesses successfully isn't just a complicated endeavor. Its one on which even the pros don't always agree on the right approach.

low valuation offers

How to Respond To Low Valuation Offers

You're raising funds for a new venture however when you finally connect with investors, the valuation they give your new company seems a bit too low to you. But hold on there, says Scott Shane. Before you say 'no' to the money, consider a few things first.

give first strategy

Investors Should Buy Into A Give First Strategy

Investors in areas where startup funds are lacking should consider a "give first" mentality. More can be gained if you invest without only concerning yourself what's in it for you.

vitamins or painkillers

Are You Selling Vitamins or Painkillers?

When deciding whether to go with the vitamins or the pain killers, in this instance, the pain killer was the better choice, metaphorically, of course.

venture capital trends

More Venture Capital Trends

How have the number and size of venture funds changed since the Internet 1.0 bubble of 2000? Scott Shane compares the VC landscape now to the world before the bubble. The results may surprise you but may also give some insight into the options for startups today.

seed stage angel

What to Look for In a Seed Stage Angel

If your small business or startup is looking for seed money from an angel investor, picking the right investor for your business is critical. So, what is the makeup of that investor?