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YouTube Demonetized Some Content, Video Creators Not Happy

YouTube “Demonetizes” Some Content, Video Creators Not Happy

The company's plan to make video more palatable to big advertisers by refusing to serve ads on videos that violate its list of content guidelines is not winning fans with users that create some of its content. Some claim censorship, but the move is more likely a business decision.

Here Are 10 Social Media Advertising Tips

10 Killer Tips You Should Use When Advertising on Social Media

You know the importance of reaching your customers on social media. And now that an include not just community engagement but advertising too. But what works, what doesn't and how will you know the difference. Larry Kim gives you some suggestions.

Real Life Social Marketing Examples -

Real Life Social Marketing Examples

You've heard all the tips -- from ALL the gurus. Isn't it time to hear some honest to goodness success stories from some honest to goodness business owners just like you? Well, you're in the right place. Here are some real life social media success stories to inspire you.

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