Here’s How Your Business Can Celebrate National Guacamole Day

10 ways a small business can celebrate national guacamole day

Who would’ve thought? The humble avocado, when mashed and mixed, becomes the superstar of snacks: guacamole! National Guacamole Day isn’t just a day to devour this green delight, but a quirky chance for businesses to stand out.

And today is your chance! National Guacamole Day is September 16th.

Imagine: a day where guacamole isn’t just on your chips, but weaves its way into promotions, events, or even team morale boosters. Businesses, it’s time to ride the guac wave and make some creamy, dreamy connections.

10 Unique Ways Small Businesses Can Celebrate National Guacamole Day

Let’s look at 10 ways a small business can celebrate National Guacamole Day this year. We tell you what businesses are best suited to pull off this type of celebration, how to do it, and what benefits it has for your business:

Guacamole Recipe Contest

  • Business Type: Restaurants, grocery stores.
  • Implementation: Encourage customers to submit their own guacamole recipes. Offer a prize for the best one, such as a gift card.
  • Benefit: Increases customer engagement and can provide ideas for new menu items.

Guacamole Tasting Event

  • Business Type: Restaurants, cafes.
  • Implementation: Offer a guacamole tasting platter with various flavors and styles.
  • Benefit: Attracts customers to try something new and can boost sales for the day.

Guacamole-making Workshop

  • Business Type: Cooking schools, community centers, grocery stores.
  • Implementation: Organize a hands-on class where participants can learn to make their own guacamole.
  • Benefit: Generates additional revenue and provides exposure to new potential customers.

Discounted Avocados Sale

  • Business Type: Grocery stores, organic markets.
  • Implementation: Offer a special discount on avocados for the day.
  • Benefit: Increases sales volume and promotes healthy eating.

Guac & Chat Night

  • Business Type: Bars, cafes.
  • Implementation: Combine a guacamole special with a community gathering or discussion event.
  • Benefit: Encourages community engagement and longer customer stays, increasing sales.

national guacamole day

Guacamole-themed Merchandise

  • Business Type: Clothing stores, gift shops.
  • Implementation: Sell t-shirts, hats, or tote bags with fun guacamole-related designs.
  • Benefit: Diversifies product offerings and capitalizes on a fun, popular theme.

Digital Guacamole Coupon

  • Business Type: Any business selling guacamole or related products.
  • Implementation: Send out a digital coupon for discounted guacamole or avocado products through email or social media.
  • Benefit: Drives traffic to the store and incentivizes purchases.

Share Fun Avocado Facts

  • Business Type: Any business.
  • Implementation: Post fun and educational avocado and guacamole facts on social media.
  • Benefit: Increases social media engagement and educates customers about the product.

Guacamole Gift Basket

  • Business Type: Gift shops, specialty food stores.
  • Implementation: Create a gift basket with all the essentials to make guacamole at home.
  • Benefit: Provides a unique product offering and can be a great gift option for customers.

Collaboration with Local Farmers

  • Business Type: Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores.
  • Implementation: Partner with local farmers to source fresh avocados and promote the importance of supporting local agriculture.
  • Benefit: Strengthens community ties and assures customers of product freshness.

Making Guacamole is Simple

If you’re planning on celebrating National Guacamole Day at your business and want to avoid the high cost of buying pre-made guac, don’t worry. Even if you’ve never cut into an avocado, whipping together a batch of this tasty (and extremely healthy) snack is really easy and uses just a handful of ingredients you can buy at any grocery store.

Check out one of the masters pull together a guac recipe in no time at all:

Celebrating National Guacamole Day in these ways not only introduces a fun element to the business but can also increase sales and customer engagement. You’ll be looking forward to the next National Guacamole Day before this day is even over!

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