ChangeMasters Shows You How to Get Yourself Unstuck


A simple, practical way to finally make the changes you've been dreaming of. FYI: The title is what it is on purpose - it's a play on words - get it? I crack myself up sometimes.


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Ahh, the best-laid plans…often go unrealized. Every business owner has been there to one degree or another. You read something, see something, heck, you pay thousands of dollars to a consultant but don’t actually DO something that you want to do, know you should do, and paid to do.

So what’s up with that?

Barry Moltz, the guy you call to get your business “Unstuck” has an answer in his latest book, ChangeMasters: How To Actually Make the Changes You Already Know You Need To Make.

After decades of helping small business owners move their companies forward, he was often frustrated when he saw that they simply weren’t putting their new plans into action.

“In the past, I tended to blame the inaction on myself. Did they not trust me enough to take signifiant steps or did I just give them bad advice?” writes Moltz in the introduction.

If you’re in any kind of advice-giving business you know how this feels…frustrating at best and emotionally debilitating at worst. If your clients aren’t implementing recommendations that you agreed to and then NOT seeing results, it reflects on YOU often more than them.

And here are the three words Moltz wants you to know — It’s not your fault.

After reading this book, you’ll understand why YOU can’t move forward and (here’s the best part) HOW to begin the subtle process to make the changes you desperately want to make in every area of your business; managing people, sales and marketing, finance and more.

Ready, Set, Change

One of the first things Moltz talks about in “ChangeMasters” is that we are wired to think that simply taking the first step is the beginning of change.

As a marketer, I take the blame for that. We’re always congratulating people on taking the “first step toward…[insert some awesome outcome here]. But that’s not good enough. I always say that simply buying a treadmill or a gym membership doesn’t cause you to get fit. You have to do the work.

Likewise, simply reading “ChangeMasters” isn’t going to make the change you so desperately want to make in your business (or for your clients). You have to choose to change.

The good news for you is that “ChangeMasters” makes change about as easy as it can get.

Uncover the Secret to Change in About 20 Minutes

Moltz did something in this book that is subtle but powerful; he formatted this book in a way that allows you to quickly run through 167 pages in a few minutes — just to get the feel of what’s inside.

Each chapter is a part of your business and each numbered subheading is a step in the process. I was able to get an overview of this book in about 20 minutes from beginning to end.

Very Little Fluff – All Inspiration and Action

Like most business books, you’re going to find some personal stories about how Moltz has implemented some of these techniques in his own life. This is only a few pages in the beginning written to show you that he’s not just researching and reporting, but actually doing the work he recommends.

But this is where it ends. After that, it’s all about you. And I like that.

Tons of Research and Resources Summarized

ChangeMasters” just opinion. It’s research. Moltz shares his extensive research in a Resources section in the back. I love that he includes the name of the research as well as links to his sources so that you can read more about the areas you’re interested in.

Do The Work — In Just 20 Steps and 20 Minutes

Perhaps my favorite section is the Change Worksheet in the Appendix. It’s almost like sitting right next to Moltz and going through the process.

This exercise is designed with busy small business owners in mind. He tells you in the instructions to give yourself 20 minutes. This will keep you motivated and stop you from overthinking things.

The hardest thing about this process is admitting to yourself the degree to which you’re avoiding doing the things you want to do in your business.

Are You Talking to ME?

ChangeMasters” is for you if…

  • You’re a business owner who has wasted thousands of dollars on consultants, agencies, or programs to help you achieve a goal that remains unrealized.
  • You’re a consultant who works with businesses and are feeling frustrated and depressed because you’ve done everything you can do to help your clients but they can’t or won’t implement your recommendations.
  • You’re ready to start your own business but haven’t gotten where you want to be.

“ChangeMasters” is a great book for business owners and consultants alike. It’s packed with information, resources, and action steps that will help you finally make the changes you need to make in your business.

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