Spotlight: FreightorGator Provides Freight Exchange Service for Small Business

Spotlight: FreightorGator Helps Small Business Get Cheap Freight Shipping Rates

Arranging shipments for clients with less than a truckload of merchandise may not sound like the most interesting business to be in, but it is often necessary. Using a freighter exchange service like FreightorGator can actually help relieve some of that burden for small businesses.

In this week’s Small Business Spotlight, you can read all about FreightorGator and the service it provides to small businesses.

What the Business Does

Offers a freight exchange service for businesses.

Augie Grasis, CEO and founder of FreightorGator told Small Business Trends, “FreightorGator is a one-stop-shop online freight exchange service that offers Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shippers a modern and streamlined approach to booking freight. In steps as easy as booking an airline ticket on Expedia, small businesses shipping LTL freight are able to instantly compare the lowest freight rates from top rated carriers and book and track their shipments online for a flat-rate fee, regardless of volume.”

Business Niche

Offering a straightforward process.

Grasis says, “FreightorGator is known for saving time and money in freight shipping for small businesses. FreightorGator has streamlined and provided transparency to the freight booking process by aggregating freight prices directly from 25+ carriers and instantly presenting them online for the customer to compare and book. And while other freight services advertise free, online quotes, the process is still typically completed through phone or email.”

Spotlight: FreightorGator Helps Small Business Get Cheap Freight Shipping Rates - FreightorGator Dashboard

How the Business Got Started

Through an old friendship.

Grasis explains, “I founded FreightorGator in 2014 after an entrepreneurial career building and scaling Handmark, a technology company that played an important role in defining the mobile apps industry and changing the way people use mobile phones. After Handmark was acquired by Sprint, my entrepreneurial passion was ignited again when I ran into a longtime friend of mine and the CEO of MyFreightWorld, Kevin Childress. He shared his vision for the spot freight market, an idea similar to what FreightorGator is today. With Kevin’s background in the freight industry and mine in technology, we partnered to create FreightorGator.”

Biggest Risk

Changing the business’s name.

Grasis says, “Not long into our startup’s history, we realized that the name that we entered the market with was an old name representing a new idea. We came to the conclusion that in order to stand out in this industry, we needed a new brand that reflected our mission to better serve LTL shippers through modern technology. When we changed our name to FreightorGator, we were saying later to LTL middlemen, later to high freight prices for small businesses, later to complicated and ambiguous rates from third party logistics companies and later to endless phone conversations with freight brokers. Customers and industry leaders have been receptive to the name and branding change and have really allowed us to establish ourselves as innovators in the industry.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Spreading the word.

Grasis says, “Any extra money we have is devoted toward demand creation, that is, getting the word out about FreightorGator and our online business model.”

Company Mascots

Two Dalmatians.

Grasis says, “Our landlord has two beautiful Dalmatians, Slate and Diesel, who often hang around the office. When things get stressful, it’s nice to have these guys around to put a more relaxed perspective on things.” (Although they seemed to be hiding in this photo!)

Spotlight: FreightorGator Helps Small Business Get Cheap Freight Shipping Rates

Favorite Quote

“The journey is the Reward.”

Grasis explains, “This comes from the experience of building, growing and selling a number of companies. The value, the enjoyment is during the journey much more so than when the goal is reached.”

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