600+ Cleaning Business Names Ideas

Starting a cleaning business can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor, but it also requires careful planning and preparation. However, before you start your cleaning service or janitorial business, you may need to think about what you’re going to name your cleaning company.

But coming up with an idea for a name for your cleaning business may be rather difficult. You’ve got so much else to think about before you start your first job or take on your first client.

We’ve gone to the trouble of crafting hundreds of cleaning business names ideas so you don’t have to.

Check out more about how to start a cleaning business.

Naming Your Cleaning Business

Pick one of these or let these cleaning business names be an inspiration for your own.

cleaning business names

Cleaning Business Names Ideas

Here’s a gigantic list of names for your cleaning business:

  1. Clean Sweepers
  2. Spotless Cleaning Co.
  3. The Cleaning Crew
  4. Sparkling Clean
  5. Dust Busters
  6. Tidy Touch
  7. Purely Clean
  8. Pristine Clean
  9. Simply Spotless
  10. Bright and Clean
  11. Clean and Clear
  12. Clean and Green
  13. Clean Queen
  14. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub
  15. Clean and Serene
  16. Clean and Go
  17. Clean Cut
  18. Clean Genie
  19. Clean Scene
  20. The Clean Machine
  21. Clean and Simple
  22. Clean and Fresh
  23. Clean Sweep Co.
  24. Clear Choice Cleaning
  25. Clean and Bright
  26. Clean Sweepers Inc.
  27. Pure Cleanliness
  28. Pure Clean Co.
  29. Pure Clean Solutions
  30. Green Clean Co.
  31. Eco Clean
  32. Clean Sweepers LLC
  33. Cleaning Experts
  34. The Cleaning Company
  35. The Cleaning Gurus
  36. Elite Cleaners
  37. Top Notch Cleaners
  38. Extreme Clean
  39. Fresh Start Cleaners
  40. Deep Cleaners
  41. Crystal Cleaners
  42. Maid to Clean
  43. A+ Cleaning Co.
  44. Immaculate Cleaning
  45. Pristine Pro Cleaners
  46. The Tidy Team
  47. Spotless Solutions
  48. Clean Freaks
  49. Cleaning Prodigies
  50. The Cleaning Pros
  51. The Cleaning Squad
  52. Clean N’ Clear
  53. Quality Cleaners
  54. A1 Cleaning Co.
  55. Clean as a Whistle
  56. All Bright Cleaners
  57. Cleaning Crusaders
  58. Cleaning Divas
  59. Cleaning Ninjas
  60. Cleaning Visionaries
  61. The Grime Fighters
  62. Happy House Cleaners
  63. The Housekeepers
  64. Master Cleaners
  65. The Neat Company
  66. Polished Cleaners
  67. Precise Cleaners
  68. Pristine Cleaning Services
  69. Pure Cleaning
  70. Shimmering Cleaners
  71. Sparkling Cleaners Inc.
  72. Spick and Span Cleaners
  73. Spring Cleaners
  74. Sun Cleaners
  75. Supreme Cleaners
  76. Swift Cleaners
  77. The Clean Factor
  78. The Clean Giants
  79. The Clean Team
  80. The Cleaning Authority
  81. The Cleaning Crusade
  82. The Cleaning Empire
  83. The Cleaning Machine
  84. The Cleaning Pros LLC
  85. The Cleaning Solution
  86. The Cleaning Wizards
  87. The Dirt Busters
  88. The Dust Masters
  89. The Maid Brigade
  90. The Shiny Cleaners
  91. The Sparkling Squad
  92. The Spotless Cleaning Co.
  93. The Tidy Maids
  94. Clean & Clear Co.
  95. Clean N’ Fresh
  96. Clean Sweepers & Co.
  97. Clean Sweepers Pro
  98. Clear Clean Co.
  99. Crystal Clean Co.
  100. Dustless Cleaning Co.
  101. Expert Clean Co.
  102. Fresh Clean Co.
  103. Impeccable Clean Co.
  104. Neat & Tidy Co.
  105. Perfect Clean Co.
  106. Prime Clean Co.
  107. Pure & Simple Co.
  108. Shine Clean Co.

Clever Cleaning Company Names

Those names not doing it for you? Check out even more clever cleaning business names:

  1. Sweep Dreams
  2. Tidy Titans
  3. The Dust Busters
  4. Neat N’ Tidy
  5. The Scrub Squad
  6. Shine Bright
  7. A Clean Sweep
  8. Squeaky Cleaners
  9. Sparkle & Shine
  10. Clean Cut Solutions
  11. The Dirt Destroyers
  12. Clean Sweep Patrol
  13. Spotless Services
  14. Polished Pros
  15. Happy Home Cleaners
  16. The Clean Sweep Company
  17. Fresh and Clean Co.
  18. The Clean Sweep Brigade
  19. Clean House Co.
  20. Tidy Time Co.
  21. Maid for You
  22. Scrubbing Bubbles
  23. Cleaning Crew Co.
  24. House Helpers
  25. Dust Be Gone
  26. Dirt Demons
  27. Clean Concepts
  28. The Neat Freaks
  29. The Tidy Tribe
  30. House Heroes
  31. Clean Haven
  32. Cleaning Connoisseurs
  33. Pure Perfection Co.

Unique Cleaning Business Name Ideas

Even more cleaning business names for you to consider:

  1. Sparkle Squad Janitorial Services
  2. ProClean Solutions
  3. Spotless Cleaning Co.
  4. Elite Maintenance Services
  5. Prime Cleaning Solutions
  6. Clean Sweep Janitorial Group
  7. Jani-King Commercial Cleaning
  8. Brighter Tomorrow Cleaning Services
  9. A-Plus Janitorial Services
  10. PureClean Professional Cleaning
  11. Neat & Tidy Cleaning Co.
  12. The Cleaning Crew Inc.
  13. Jani-Care Building Services
  14. Total Maintenance Cleaning Services
  15. Diamond Shine Cleaning Co.
  16. Clean Works Professional Cleaning
  17. Adept Cleaning Services
  18. Top-Notch Janitorial Solutions
  19. Shine Bright Cleaning Company
  20. Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning
  21. Absolute Clean Janitorial Services
  22. Liberty Commercial Cleaning
  23. Clean as a Whistle Janitorial Services
  24. Quality Maintenance Services
  25. Crystal Clear Cleaning Co.
  26. Upkeep Solutions Janitorial
  27. Clean & Clear Commercial Cleaning
  28. First-Rate Cleaning Services
  29. Eco-Clean Janitorial Group
  30. ClearView Cleaning Services
  31. Expert Maintenance Solutions
  32. Sunflower Cleaning Co.
  33. Classic Clean Janitorial Services
  34. Golden Touch Cleaning Solutions
  35. Complete Clean Janitorial Services
  36. Superior Cleaning Co.
  37. Clean Sweep Maintenance Services
  38. Citywide Cleaning Services
  39. Above and Beyond Cleaning Co.
  40. All-Star Janitorial Solutions
  41. Perfection Maintenance Services
  42. Renewed Janitorial Services
  43. Master Cleaners Inc.
  44. Paramount Maintenance Services
  45. White Glove Cleaning Co.
  46. Reliable Maintenance Solutions
  47. Fresh Start Cleaning Services
  48. Deep Clean Janitorial Group
  49. Supreme Cleaning Solutions
  50. Prime Time Janitorial Services

Funny Cleaning Service Names

A funny name for your cleaning business is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers and clients.

We’ve found some names that’ll make people take a second look at what your cleaning business is offering:

  1. The Dirt Destroyers
  2. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub
  3. Maid in a Minute
  4. Suck It Up Cleaning Services
  5. Cleaning Ninjas
  6. Maid to Clean
  7. Dirt Divas
  8. No Dirt Left Behind
  9. The Clean Sweep
  10. Sweep Dreams
  11. Spotless Squad
  12. Clean Freaks
  13. Grime Busters
  14. Mop It Like It’s Hot
  15. Scrubby Dubby Doo
  16. Cleanliness is Next to Fabulousness
  17. Sweep It Under The Rug
  18. Dust Be Gone
  19. Broom Service
  20. Mr. Clean Team
  21. The Sparkle Squad
  22. The Tidy Titans
  23. The Wipe-Out Wizards
  24. The Scrub Squad
  25. The Sponge Squad
  26. The Cleaning Corps
  27. The Dust Bunnies
  28. The Grime Stoppers
  29. The Polish Posse
  30. The Scuff Scrubbers
  31. The Scrubbing Superstars
  32. The Squeegee Squad
  33. The Tidy Troops
  34. The Vacuum Vixens
  35. The Windex Warriors
  36. Clean Cut Cleaners
  37. Grime-Fighters
  38. The Housekeeping Heroes
  39. The Scrubbing Sirens
  40. The Suds Squad
  41. The Sweep Stars
  42. The Tidy Team
  43. A Tidy Touch
  44. All Cleaned Up
  45. Clean Sweepers
  46. Dirt Doctors
  47. Happy Scrubbers
  48. Maid of All Work
  49. Scrub A Doodle Doo
  50. Shine Bright Cleaning Services
  51. Spotless Solutions
  52. The Cleaning Commandos
  53. The Clean-up Crew
  54. The Cleanse Brothers
  55. The Dirt Demolishers
  56. The Germ Patrol
  57. The Mop Masters
  58. The Scrubbing Sisters
  59. The Soap Squad
  60. The Sparkling Service
  61. The Spick & Span Specialists
  62. The Spongebob Square Scrubbers
  63. The Super Scrubbers
  64. The Swab Squad
  65. The Tidy Tacklers
  66. The Vacuum Verminators
  67. The Wipe Wizards
  68. Tidy Time
  69. Dust Busters
  70. Scrub-A-Do Cleaning Co.
  71. Dirt Dusters
  72. Squeaky Cleaners
  73. Shine On Cleaning Services
  74. The Janitor Jesters
  75. The Scrubbing Seagulls

House Cleaning Business Names

If your cleaning business focuses on just house cleaning, you may want to consider these names:

  1. Clean Sweepers
  2. Spotless Shine
  3. The Dust Busters
  4. Maid in Heaven
  5. Pristine Palace
  6. Neat and Tidy
  7. Fresh Start
  8. Clean Machine
  9. Pure Clean
  10. Perfectly Clean
  11. Shine Bright Cleaning Co.
  12. Tidy Titans
  13. Clean Freaks
  14. Dust Devils
  15. The Cleaning Crew
  16. Happy Homes Cleaning
  17. Sparkling Solutions
  18. The Scrub Squad
  19. Clean as a Whistle
  20. Grime Busters
  21. Housekeeper Heroes
  22. The Clean Scene
  23. House Cleaning Pros
  24. Dust to Dawn Cleaning Services
  25. Home Sweet Home Cleaning Co.
  26. All Cleaned Up
  27. Clear Choice Cleaning
  28. Pristine Properties
  29. Shine Time Cleaning
  30. Immaculate Interiors
  31. Brighter Days Cleaning
  32. A Cleaner Touch
  33. Dust Be Gone
  34. Top to Bottom Clean
  35. Maid for You
  36. Clean Living Co.
  37. Royal Cleaning Services
  38. Clean Sweep Housekeeping
  39. Fresh N’ Clean
  40. Happy House Cleaners
  41. Simply Clean Co.
  42. Clearview Cleaning
  43. Spic and Span
  44. Clean Slate Cleaning Co.
  45. Meticulous Maids
  46. A Touch of Cleanliness
  47. A Clean Sweep Housekeeping
  48. Perfect Clean Co.
  49. Tidy Time Cleaners
  50. Neatnik Cleaning Services
  51. Spotless Squad
  52. Professional House Cleaners
  53. The Cleaners Inc.
  54. Clean and Clear Housekeeping
  55. A Sparkling Clean
  56. The Clean Dream Team
  57. Bright and Clean Co.
  58. The Clean Machine Crew
  59. Clean Start Cleaning Services
  60. Fresh and Fabulous Cleaning
  61. Dream Clean Team
  62. The Tidy Team
  63. Perfectly Pristine
  64. The Neat Freaks
  65. The Clean Zone
  66. Cleaning Co.
  67. Clean Queen Co.
  68. Shimmer and Shine
  69. The Clean Sweepers
  70. Elite Cleaning Services
  71. Clean Freak Housekeeping
  72. Crystal Clean Co.
  73. A+ Cleaning Co.
  74. Fresh Breeze Cleaning
  75. The Clean Slate Crew
  76. Housekeeping Heroes
  77. Impeccable Cleaning Co.
  78. The Cleaning Authority
  79. Simply Spotless Cleaning
  80. Mr. Clean Co.
  81. Neat as a Pin Cleaning
  82. Clean Sweepers Cleaning
  83. Pinnacle Cleaning Services
  84. Clean Homes Inc.
  85. Clean House Co.
  86. A-1 Cleaning Co.
  87. Clean Sweep Co.
  88. Clean Home Solutions
  89. Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Co.
  90. Brighter Tomorrow Cleaning
  91. The Cleaning Company
  92. Clean Sweep Housekeeping Services
  93. Spotless Homes Co.
  94. Simply Clean Housekeeping
  95. The Tidy Team Cleaning
  96. The Clean Up Crew
  97. Clean and Clear Cleaning Services
  98. House Cleaning Genies
  99. The Clean Sweep Maids
  100. The Clean Sweep Housekeeping Services

Janitorial Business Names

Some cleaning business owners may want to use a different phrase, such as janitorial. We’ve put together a long list of janitorial business names that might fit your needs better than what we’ve shown thus far:

  1. Sparkle & Shine Janitorial Services
  2. Swift Sweep Janitorial
  3. Spick and Span Janitorial
  4. Clear Choice Janitorial
  5. Green Clean Janitorial
  6. Neat & Tidy Janitorial Co.
  7. Pristine Janitorial Solutions
  8. A+ Janitorial Services
  9. Scrubbing Bubbles Janitorial
  10. Dust Busters Janitorial
  11. Spotless Janitorial Services
  12. Quality Clean Janitorial Co.
  13. Immaculate Cleaning Services
  14. Clean Sweep Janitorial
  15. Royal Flush Janitorial
  16. Premier Janitorial Solutions
  17. All-Star Janitorial Services
  18. The Cleaning Crew Janitorial
  19. Professional Pride Janitorial
  20. Elite Janitorial Services
  21. Meticulous Cleaning Co.
  22. Big Mop Janitorial Services
  23. Golden Broom Janitorial
  24. Crystal Clear Janitorial
  25. Mighty Clean Janitorial
  26. Perfect Clean Janitorial Co.
  27. Super Scrub Janitorial
  28. Silver Shine Janitorial Services
  29. The Sweeper Janitorial Co.
  30. Clean Works Janitorial
  31. Jani-King Cleaning Services
  32. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
  33. Clean Sweepers Janitorial
  34. Tidy Team Janitorial
  35. Clean Up Crew Janitorial
  36. Spiffy Clean Janitorial
  37. Top-Notch Janitorial Services
  38. Prime Time Janitorial
  39. Clean Machine Janitorial
  40. Ace Janitorial Co.
  41. Clean Cuts Janitorial
  42. First Class Janitorial Solutions
  43. Superb Cleaning Services
  44. Trusty Mop Janitorial
  45. Busy Bee Janitorial
  46. Classy Clean Janitorial
  47. Swift & Shine Janitorial
  48. Diamond Shine Janitorial
  49. Polished Cleaning Co.
  50. King of Clean Janitorial
  51. High-Quality Janitorial Services
  52. A1 Janitorial Solutions
  53. Fresh Start Janitorial
  54. Glistening Cleaning Co.
  55. Clean Sweep Janitorial Solutions
  56. Neat Freaks Janitorial
  57. Prime Clean Janitorial
  58. Pro Clean Janitorial
  59. Master Clean Janitorial
  60. Purify Janitorial
  61. Renew Janitorial
  62. Shine Bright Janitorial
  63. Clean Genie Janitorial
  64. Dream Clean Janitorial
  65. X-Treme Clean Janitorial
  66. No Dust Left Behind Janitorial
  67. Sweep Dreams Janitorial
  68. Clean Touch Janitorial
  69. Ace of Clean Janitorial
  70. Shine On Janitorial
  71. Prime Janitorial Co.
  72. Keep It Clean Janitorial
  73. Ultra Clean Janitorial Services
  74. Brighter Day Janitorial
  75. Clean Quest Janitorial

Even More Cleaning Business Names

Still can’t find what you’re looking for in a cleaning business name? Don’t worry. Here are even more cleaning business names ideas for you to consider:

  1. Clean Queen
  2. Squeaky Clean
  3. Neat Treat
  4. Scrub Hub
  5. Mop Pop
  6. Polished Palace
  7. Sparkle Shark
  8. Tidy Tribe
  9. Fresh Nest
  10. Gleam Team
  11. Shiny Spruce
  12. Clear Sphere
  13. Swab Squad
  14. Spotless Scotty
  15. Clean Scene
  16. Broom Bloom
  17. Spick and Span
  18. Dazzling Dan
  19. Wash Dash
  20. Clean Cuisine
  21. Shine Line
  22. Dust Must
  23. Scrub Club
  24. Swish Wish
  25. Mop Top
  26. Grime Time
  27. Tidy Mindy
  28. Bright Light
  29. Wipe Stripe
  30. Clean Dream
  31. Sweep Sleep
  32. Shine Vine
  33. Spot Shot
  34. Squeegee Bee
  35. Polishish
  36. Purge Surge
  37. Scrub Rub
  38. Tidy Heidi
  39. Clean Jean
  40. Spruce Moose
  41. Sparkle Snarkle
  42. Slick Pick
  43. Tidy Miley
  44. Clean Gene
  45. Scrub Hub Club
  46. Glisten Kistin
  47. Scrub A Dub
  48. Swirl Pearl
  49. Clear Fear
  50. Clean Scene
  51. Broom Boom
  52. Shiny Tiny
  53. Wash Squash
  54. Wipe Swipe
  55. Sweep Peep
  56. Scrub Rub Dub
  57. Tidy Liddy
  58. Bright Sight
  59. Clean Lean
  60. Spot Trot
  61. Polish Trolish
  62. Scrub Pub
  63. Swirl Twirl
  64. Mop Hop
  65. Grime Prime
  66. Clean Jeanine
  67. Gleam Beam
  68. Shimmer Glitter
  69. Duster Buster
  70. Wash Mash
  71. Clear Tier
  72. Tidy Cody
  73. Scrub-a-doo
  74. Spic and Span Dan
  75. Wipe Snipe

Maid Services Business Name Ideas

If your cleaning company offers more maid services instead of focusing on the commercial cleaning industry, you’ll probably want a name that’s more specific to that niche.

Here’s 50 names for a maid services business:

  1. Maid in the USA
  2. Merry Maids
  3. Maid 4 You
  4. Maid Magic
  5. Maid for You
  6. Maid in Heaven
  7. Maid to Clean
  8. Maid to Order
  9. Maid to Shine
  10. Maid Brigade
  11. Maid in a Minute
  12. Maid in Miami
  13. Maid for Miami
  14. Maid of Honor
  15. Maid in Style
  16. Maid 2 Clean
  17. Maid in Manhattan
  18. Maid in the City
  19. The Maid Squad
  20. The Maid Connection
  21. The Maid Masters
  22. The Maid Brigade
  23. Maid in Motion
  24. The Maid Spot
  25. The Maid Station
  26. Maid on Call
  27. The Maid Emporium
  28. The Maid Company
  29. The Maid Authority
  30. The Maid Services Specialists
  31. The Maid Department
  32. The Maid Dynasty
  33. The Maid Lab
  34. The Maid Zone
  35. The Maid Workshop
  36. The Maid House
  37. The Maid Team
  38. The Maid Service Co.
  39. The Maid Society
  40. The Maid League
  41. The Maid Factory
  42. The Maid Depot
  43. The Maid Firm
  44. The Maid Hive
  45. The Maid Works
  46. The Maid Services Group
  47. The Maid Studio
  48. The Maid Guild
  49. The Maid Network
  50. The Maid Haven

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business Names

Your new cleaning business may specialize in using products that are eco-friendly, good for the environment. That’s a great idea considering how many people are more aware of the dangers of some harsher cleaning products.

An eco-friendly cleaning business could use one of these names or find some inspiration from the cleaning business names we’ve come up with in this niche:

  1. Green Clean Co.
  2. EcoMaid
  3. Clean Earth Co.
  4. Nature’s Touch Cleaning
  5. Clean & Green Co.
  6. Earthwise Cleaning
  7. GreenGenius Cleaning
  8. EcoSweep Cleaning
  9. Green Sweepers Co.
  10. EarthFirst Cleaning
  11. Eco-Clean Solutions
  12. Simply Green Cleaning
  13. Green Wave Cleaning
  14. EcoCare Cleaning
  15. EarthMaid Cleaning
  16. GreenGenie Cleaning
  17. EcoNest Cleaning
  18. Pure Eco Cleaning
  19. GreenThumb Cleaning
  20. EcoPure Cleaning
  21. GreenBroom Cleaning
  22. EcoChic Cleaning
  23. EarthSmart Cleaning
  24. GreenMint Cleaning
  25. EcoGlow Cleaning
  26. EarthBrite Cleaning
  27. GreenGlow Cleaning
  28. EcoBliss Cleaning
  29. CleanPlanet Co.
  30. GreenSpruce Cleaning
  31. EcoCare Solutions
  32. Earthly Maid Cleaning
  33. GreenSweep Solutions
  34. EcoStyle Cleaning
  35. PureGreen Cleaning
  36. EarthSavers Cleaning
  37. GreenScape Cleaning
  38. EcoJoy Cleaning
  39. EarthBloom Cleaning
  40. GreenNexus Cleaning
  41. EcoFusion Cleaning
  42. CleanPlanet Solutions
  43. GreenSolutions Co.
  44. EcoHarmony Cleaning
  45. Earthly Clean Co.
  46. GreenMaid Solutions
  47. EcoZen Cleaning
  48. PureNature Cleaning
  49. EarthMint Cleaning
  50. GreenSavvy Cleaning
  51. EcoSavvy Solutions
  52. Earthly Solutions Co.
  53. GreenLion Cleaning
  54. EcoWell Cleaning
  55. PureLife Cleaning
  56. EarthSpark Cleaning
  57. GreenLeaf Cleaning
  58. EcoRays Cleaning
  59. Earthly Zen Cleaning
  60. GreenEssence Cleaning
  61. EcoGreen Solutions
  62. PureBalance Cleaning
  63. EarthBliss Cleaning
  64. GreenSphere Cleaning
  65. EcoClear Cleaning
  66. EarthFusion Cleaning
  67. GreenNest Cleaning
  68. EcoGenius Solutions
  69. PureZone Cleaning
  70. EarthZone Cleaning
  71. GreenZone Cleaning
  72. EcoZone Cleaning
  73. PureAir Cleaning
  74. Earthy Clean Co.
  75. GreenCo Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Service Name Ideas

If your new business is focusing on offering services to other businesses, here are names more suitable for it:

How to check if your cleaning business name is available?

To check if a cleaning business name is available, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by doing a search on your preferred search engine to see if there are any businesses with the same or similar name as the one you have in mind.
  2. Check with your state’s Secretary of State office to see if the name you have in mind is already registered or reserved by another business in your state. You can usually find this information on their website or by contacting their office.
  3. Use a trademark search tool to check if the name you have in mind has already been trademarked by another business. You can use the US Patent and Trademark Office’s trademark search tool, or search for other online resources that provide similar services.
  4. Check if the domain name for your preferred business name is available. You can use domain name registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap to search for available domain names.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the name you have in mind is not already taken and avoid any legal issues in the future.

What to do after you picked a name for your cleaning business

If you’ve finally decided on a business name for your cleaning service, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in establishing your brand. However, the work doesn’t stop there. As a new business owner, you need to take several other steps to ensure your business is legally compliant, financially stable, and ready to start serving customers.

Register your small business

Once you have a business name for your cleaning service, you need to register it with the appropriate government agencies. Registering your business name will establish it as a legal entity and give you the right to operate it in your state or country. The registration process varies depending on your location, but you can typically do it online or by mail. You may need to provide some basic information, such as your business name, address, and the names of any partners or owners.

Depending on your location and the cleaning service you plan to offer, you may need to obtain certain licenses or permits to operate legally. Check with your local government or state to determine what licenses and permits are required for your business.

Apply for necessary licenses and permits

Depending on your location and the cleaning services you plan to offer, you may need to obtain certain licenses or permits to operate legally.

Get insurance

Insurance is essential for any business, including a cleaning service. You should obtain liability insurance, which will protect you if someone is injured or property is damaged while you’re working on a job.

Open a business bank account

Separating your personal and business finances is crucial for financial management and tax purposes.

Set up a bookkeeping system

Keeping track of your business finances is crucial for success. Set up a bookkeeping system to track your income and expenses, including any invoices, receipts, or bills. You may want to use accounting software to make this process easier.

Define your target market and cleaning services

To attract customers, you need to know who your target market is and what services you plan to offer. Research your local area to determine the demand for cleaning services, and define your target market based on their needs and preferences.

Create a business plan

A business plan is a roadmap for your business, outlining your goals, strategies, and financial projections. It will help you stay focused and organized as you grow your cleaning services business.

Build a website and social media presence

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential for any business. Build a website and social media profiles to showcase your cleaning services and connect with potential customers.

Hire employees or contractors

As your cleaning services business grows, you may need to hire employees or contractors to help with the workload. Decide which type of workers you need, and establish a hiring process to find the best candidates.

Purchase equipment and supplies

Invest in high-quality equipment and supplies to ensure you can provide top-notch cleaning service to your customers. This may include cleaning tools, chemicals, and transportation vehicles.

Check out our recommendations for commercial cleaning equipment for your cleaning service business. You can also see what we recommend for keeping your commercial cleaning supplies well stocked.

Advertise and market your business

Once you have established your target market, it’s time to get your name out there. Develop a marketing plan that includes advertising, direct mail, email marketing, and social media advertising.

Establish your pricing structure

Set your prices based on your target market, competition, and expenses. Determine your hourly rate or a flat fee.

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