Spotlight: In Cloud Solutions Is a Software Company with Lasting Support

Spotlight: In Cloud Solutions Is a Cloud Software Company with Lasting Support

When you buy new software for your business, it’s usually up to you to figure out how to best use it for your team. But In Cloud Solutions is a software provider that prides itself on actually supporting its customers after they’ve completed their purchases.

The company also has a true family atmosphere behind the scenes and was founded by two women in tech. Learn more about the company’s story in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Helps businesses with software offerings.

Lucy Thorpe, head of content creation and social media for In Cloud Solutions told Small Business Trends, “We sell business software — sounds dull doesn’t it? But what we really do is help companies struggling under the chaos of spreadsheets and accounting paperwork to emerge as sleek modern enterprises ready to grow with the help of digital technology.”

Business Niche

Offering ongoing support.

Thorpe says, “It is a computer software cliche that companies selling new business software systems implement and then run for the hills. We stick around — we hold their hands, we do whatever is necessary to make sure the customer can actually use the damn thing! It is a point of pride for us. We think our product is brilliant and we want to make sure they — our customers, do too.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of a new trend.

Thorpe explains, “We began when 2 women in tech, Caroline Atkinson and Liz Matraves saw a gap in the market. They were both working for computer giant SAP on very big projects but could see that around the corner cloud based technology was just about to take off. This would enable small and medium sized businesses to get the same digital advantages as big business and as SMEs are a fabulous market to work with — the life blood of the UK economy, they decided to give it a go. So they quit their jobs and set up together quite literally around Liz’s kitchen table.”

Biggest Win

Helping some notable companies.

Thorpe adds, “Some of our work is quite secretive and behind the scenes. A lot of big names won’t let us shout about them as they are city companies and we look after their data but we have some truly great customers. From helping to install the tech that re-launched Nokia mobile phones to allowing family manufacturers to spread their wings and trade abroad we cover the waterfront. A great one is which went from ailing household name to relaunched e-commerce website in just 8 weeks thanks to us! Word of mouth is how we get most of our business although our marketing is fab as well!”

Biggest Risk

Putting their reputations on the line.

Thorpe says, “We have had to take risks for sure — taking on big projects knowing that if anything goes wrong our reputation will be on the line and that could be it. That is hugely scary and you don’t want to let your staff down. But we work as a team and try to do our best by everyone who works for us.”

Spotlight: In Cloud Solutions Is a Cloud Software Company with Lasting Support

Lesson Learned

Trust others to help along the way.

Thorpe explains, “As we scale up we have to remember that our founding partners can’t be everywhere all the time. Burn our is a real risk and if they had their time again maybe they would realize sooner that you have to step back and do more of what you are good at and employ others to do the bits that drain you.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Thorpe says, “Wow! People I guess — really brilliant people to fill in the places where there are gaps. More people to have fun with on work outings would be great!”

What Sets the Team Apart

A family atmosphere.

Thorpe says, “Caroline — one of the owners and Bob, the managing director are married and it’s a bit like having a work mum and dad. Seriously — they go to Costco and buy us crisps!”

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Images: In Cloud Solutions; Top Image: founding partners Caroline Atkinson and Liz Matraves; Second Image: Caroline Atkinson

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