NordLocker Introduces Encrypted Cloud Storage Add-on

Cloud storage

The launch of NordLocker’s cloud storage add-on comes as more people are working remotely because of the lockdown restrictions. A secure, reliable and readily accessible cloud storage solution is extremely important with teams now working around the world.

As part of the NordSec family of solutions that include NordVPN and NordPass, the addition of cloud storage to NordLocker is a logical step. NordLocker is a file encryption tool with zero-knowledge AES-256 encryption. By making the storage available together, it means you don’t have to use a third-party tool to safeguard your data.

With more individuals and organizations now using cloud storage, the technology has proven its reliability. Safety is the next big concern most users have when it comes to cloud storage. And even though there is encryption, it doesn’t go all the way. Most cloud storage solutions encrypt only the storage itself, this means the files are left behind, vulnerable. Oliver Noble, an encryption specialist at NordLocker, explains this in the emailed release.

NordLocker Cloud Storage

Noble adds, “NordLocker took a challenge to revise and turn around existing cloud storage practices. Encrypting files first and uploading them to the cloud of the same provider helps to avoid the involvement of third-party vendors. All that can be done with a single move of drag and drop.”

According to the company, the goal of NordLocker is to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity package. This includes password manager NordPass and NordVPN Teams, a business VPN solution. The addition of the cloud storage will give users the tools they need to securely connect, store and manage their data.

The zero-knowledge security policy of this platform has a strict no-log policy. What this means is only you know what is in your lockers. And when it comes to encryption, NordLocker uses end-to-end encryption with the world’s most advanced cryptography algorithms (AES-256, ECC, Argon2).

Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert to use this technology. The drag-and-drop encryption tool is easy to use and it protects your data with a single master password. After you encrypt your data you can store it on your computer or in the cloud. And the information is accessible on an unlimited number of devices.

The Growth of Cloud Storage

According to the May 2020 Fortune Business Insights Cloud Storage Market Report, the market size is set to grow from $49.3 billion in 2019 to $297.5 in 2027.

The report says one of the drivers for this growth is the current COVID-19 pandemic. It goes on to say, the pandemic is enabling organizations to support remote work. And with cloud storage, they are better able to manage their large volumes of data smoothly.

However, the report also says the growth of cloud storage can slow down because of security concerns. If cloud storage providers don’t implement the best available security protocols, customers will opt for physical storage until things improve.


NordLocker is now available as free and premium versions. The free version gives you 3GB of cloud storage and unlimited encryption. The paid version starts at only $3.99 per month and you get 500GB of storage along with unlimited encryption and 24/7 priority support. There is also a Business tier, but you have to contact the company for additional details.

NordLocker supports both Windows and macOS operating systems as well as any file types with confidential cross-platform synchronization between devices.

Image: NordLocker

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