14 Coffee Franchise Opportunities

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Coffee businesses have seen massive growth over the last few years, especially as customers become more discerning about the perfect cup of coffee. Customers are flocking to coffee shops in search of the elusive perfect cup of coffee and the right coffee bean, making it the ideal time to start a coffee franchise.

What is a Coffee Franchise?

If you’re looking to start a coffee business but don’t quite know where to start, a coffee franchise could be the right option for you. Because the franchise already has an established brand, starting as your first coffee shop can be easier. There are many coffee shop franchise options available that offer top-quality coffee. Some franchises focus solely on brewing fresh coffee, while others have a coffee beanery option for roasting coffee beans.


The Coffee Industry in 2022

The number of coffee drinkers has grown, as with coffee options. The number of coffee shops has nearly doubled in the last decade and continues to increase to sell coffee, including espresso drinks. As coffee consumption continues to stay high, this is one of the best times to consider starting your own coffee cafe.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities

Why You Should Consider a Coffee Shop Franchise

There are many reasons to consider starting your coffee shop franchise and selling beverages and coffee beans, such as:

  1. Ample brand resources: As an independent coffee shop owner, you’ll have to invest significant capital into branding and marketing. You can avoid that by opting for a coffee shop franchise instead.
  2. Serve a new market: Many discerning coffee drinkers are always looking to try new franchises, and as a coffee chain owner, you can bring the market to you with your coffee shop.
  3. Proven business model: With espresso beverages and coffee on the rise, there is a proven business model that demonstrates that coffee shops can operate successfully if there is enough market demand.


Criteria for Choosing the Best Coffee Franchise Opportunities

In guiding potential franchisees toward successful coffee franchise ventures, we employ a specific set of criteria. These criteria are designed to assess the viability, market demand, and strategic fit of coffee franchise opportunities. Each criterion is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 indicates the least importance and 5 the highest importance in our review process:

  1. Brand Recognition and Reputation
    • Importance: 5
    • The strength and recognition of the franchise brand in the coffee industry are crucial. Well-established brands with a loyal customer base usually offer a higher chance of success.
  2. Quality of Coffee and Menu Offerings
    • Importance: 5
    • The quality of the coffee and the variety and appeal of the menu offerings are key factors in attracting and retaining customers.
  3. Initial Investment and Franchise Fees
    • Importance: 4
    • We evaluate the cost of starting the franchise, including initial fees, equipment purchases, and any inventory requirements.
  4. Training and Support from the Franchisor
    • Importance: 4
    • The level of training and ongoing support provided to franchisees, which can include barista training, business management, and customer service, is essential for running the franchise successfully.
  5. Location and Territory Analysis
    • Importance: 4
    • The potential of the proposed location(s) and the franchisor’s policy on territory rights and exclusivity can greatly impact the success of the franchise.
  6. Market Demand and Target Audience
    • Importance: 5
    • Understanding the target market’s demand for coffee and related products and the demographic preferences of the area are essential for choosing the right franchise and location.
  7. Marketing and Branding Support
    • Importance: 4
    • The franchisor’s support in marketing and branding efforts, including local advertising and promotional campaigns, is important for attracting customers.
  8. Supply Chain and Product Sourcing
    • Importance: 4
    • Efficient supply chain management and ethical sourcing of coffee and other products are vital for maintaining quality and sustainability.
  9. Profitability and Return on Investment
    • Importance: 5
    • We assess the potential profitability of the franchise and the expected return on investment, considering factors like sales performance, profit margins, and market trends.
  10. Sustainability and Environmental Practices
    • Importance: 3
    • With increasing consumer awareness of sustainability, franchises that demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly practices can have a competitive edge.

By applying these criteria, we aim to guide potential franchisees towards coffee franchise opportunities that offer not only a viable business model but also align with market trends, customer preferences, and operational best practices in the coffee industry.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities

Best Coffee Franchises

There are some incredible coffee shop franchise opportunities available for business owners. These brands are known for their premium coffee beans, selection, and expertly crafted beverages. We’ll go through some of the best coffee franchises currently out there.

1. Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee is perfect for those seeking a local coffee shop opportunity that serves gourmet coffee and strong sales. Bob Fish initially started it to form Global Orange Development with a team of baristas. However, its name was changed to Biggby in later years. Biggby Coffee isn’t just a coffee chain; it also fosters community and creates strong connections between people. So the company has strong brand recognition and a solid reputation for quality products and franchisee support. The total investment needed to start your own Biggby franchise is estimated to be between $276,000 – $439,000.

2. PJ’s Coffee

PJ’s Coffee is definitely a franchise to consider for premium cold coffee drinks and delicious coffee. It has a lot to offer with many locations, a high volume of unit sales, and strong company culture. The initial franchise fee will start at $25,000-35,000, with additional expenses depending on the location and size of the shop.

3. Dunn Brothers Coffee

A staple in the specialty coffee industry, Dunn Brothers, is a franchise opportunity that could be a great option due to its premium coffee quality. With both food and coffee options, it’s a full-service coffee location that customers will keep coming back to, which increases the chance of profitability. The initial franchise fee starts at $37,500.

4. Aroma Joe’s Coffee

Many coffee shops have that comfortable, cozy feel, and Aroma Joe’s is one of them. For those who drink coffee and want a place to hang out and see friends, this could be the right franchising option. Aroma Joe’s offers an exclusive proprietary premium blend and a wide selection of food and beverage options, with plenty of quality locations available for franchisees.

5. Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees

Maui Wowi is a unique franchising option because it’s not just about coffee. The brand also offers fresh fruit smoothies, refreshing organic tea, and other quality menu items that set it apart from the rest. So whether it’s a cup of cold brew or something fruity and delicious, this is the franchise option that has it all.

6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Another titan of coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, is one of the best coffee shop franchises out there. Its authentic Italian roasted coffee, trendy teas, and baked goods made a name for itself, with strong brand recognition worldwide. This franchise can also be operated as coffee kiosks as well, decreasing potential startup expenses. However, their franchise agreement usually consists of multiple store commitments over a period of years.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities

7. Dunkin Donuts

An icon in the coffee industry, Dunkin Donuts has made a name for itself as not just a doughnut shop but for its premium coffee as well. One of the more popular franchises out there, Dunkin is known for its iced coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and value for money, which means it has a strong brand reputation with customers

8. The Human Bean

The Human Bean is worth exploring if you’re looking for a drive-thru espresso brand. It’s an industry leader, with relatively low startup costs compared to other franchises. In addition, no royalty or marketing fees are involved, and since there’s no sit-down component, it lowers the initial investment needed.

9. Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffee has a global presence due to its franchise model. The initial investment isn’t all that high, and the business model has been shown to work. You can contact a representative from the brand to learn about possible locations where the coffee shop could work.

10. Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee is an excellent option for new business owners looking to enter the coffee world. They offer a lot of support to help the franchise succeed and have a distinct coffee blend that customers enjoy. Plus, the brand is known for its innovative coffee machines and approach to coffee, which resonates with customers.

11. Classic Rock Coffee Company

Classic Rock Coffee Company has a unique brand, making it easy to start this franchise. The whole brand works on an enjoyable theme that can be easy to adapt and run with, with great coffee systems and premium blends.

12. It’s a Grind Coffee House

With a clever name and marketing, it’s no surprise that It’s A Grind Coffee Shop has been so quick at expanding with multiple franchises. Customers enjoy the vibe, high-quality coffee, and innovative menu items, making It’s A Grind Coffee Shop a strong contender for franchising options.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities


13. Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea

Sweetwaters is a neighborhood coffee brand that feels like a part of the community. It’s about bringing love, care, and passion to coffee and the customer experience, with lots of support available to help the business succeed.

14. Scooter’s Coffee

Scooter’s Coffee isn’t just about coffee – it’s also about fun merchandise that brings Scooter’s coffee to customers and doing business with integrity and passion. The franchise is another option for those seeking their own coffee kiosks and wanting a mobile coffee shop option to explore.

How to Choose the Best Franchise to Set Up Your Coffee Shop Business

Choosing from the top coffee franchises can be challenging, but here are some top factors to consider. These include what customers want, what the market is like in your chosen area, and who you will compete with.

  1. Brand awareness and interest
  2. Initial investment versus predicted revenue
  3. Market demand for coffee shops, especially in rural or suburban areas
  4. Competitors in the area and pricing


How Much Does It Cost to Open a Coffee Franchise?

The initial investment to open a coffee shop can vary depending on the brand, the location, and the franchise fee associated with it. Generally, starting your coffee franchise can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $400,000 and more.


Are Coffee Shop Franchises Profitable?

Coffee shop franchises can be profitable for many depending on the level of investment and the demand for coffee in a market. Some coffee shops also have a strong brand associated with them and may be familiar to consumers, making them potentially more profitable and expensive to get started with.


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