Coffee Shops Around the World

Coffee Shops Around the World

Coffee is a huge industry in many countries around the world. But the ways in which people enjoy coffee can vary greatly. Take a look at some of the coffee shops and other businesses that serve coffee beverages in different countries. Here’s just a sampling of coffee shops around the world.

A Guide to Coffee Shops Around the World

Coffee Shops in the UK

coffee UK

Coffee shops in the U.K. are very similar to coffee shops in the U.S. Many of them cater mainly to professionals looking for an early caffeine fix on the way to work. But there’s something for pretty much everyone, whether you go to major chains like Starbucks, independent shops or even small outdoor carts.

Cat Cafés in Japan?

cat at restaurant

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Japan. Coffee shops in Tokyo and some other cities through Japan don’t try to keep things simple. Instead, many Japanese coffee shops look for ways to make their businesses stand out from the rest. For example, “cat cafés,” where visitors can enjoy their coffee among actual cats, have become common there.

Coffee Culture in Italy

italy restaurant

Italy is a country that’s truly known for its coffee culture. Whether you go to an outdoor café or a fancy restaurant, you’re likely to find several varieties of coffee beverages on the menu. In different parts of the country, there are also different regional specialties that coffee shops, bars and other restaurants serve.

Specialty Cafés in Argentina

argentine coffee shop

You’ll find a huge variety of specialty cafés and coffee shops in Argentina. The South American country has certainly seen its share of large chains like Starbucks. But even before the coffee giant made its way to Argentina, Buenos Aires and other big cities had a pretty large array of independent coffee shops to choose from.

Coffee Community in Turkey

turkey coffee shop

Coffee has traditionally been a very important part of Turkish culture, and it remains so today. In fact, Turkey even has its own method of brewing coffee, leaving it unfiltered and allowing the grounds to settle. And Turkish coffee houses are considered important meeting places.

Kaffeehauser in Austria

austria coffee shop

Austria has a rich history related to its coffee shops, or “kaffeehauser.” Many of them serve coffee and specialty beverages along with cakes and other sweets. And some even offer added features like music or interesting historical architecture.

Ethical Sources in South Africa

south africa coffee shop

Coffee shops are also plentiful in South Africa. Many of the independent shops are committed to providing fair trade or ethically sourced coffee, some of which is even grown in Africa. And as with many of the countries on the list, there’s a huge variety of different shops and specialty beverages to choose from.

Coffee Heritage in Cuba

havana coffee shop

Cuba actually grows a fair amount of coffee. So it’s a pretty big part of the culture there. You can find it in cafés, restaurants, cigar shops and more. And the country has some various specialty coffee drinks that include sugar and other ingredients as well.

Thinking of a way to upgrade your own coffee shop or coffee related business? We’re hoping this look at coffee shops around the world will start some ideas brewing.

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