From the Community: Advice for Microsoft CEO and Super Bowl Lessons

Advice for Microsoft CEO

Keep ahead of the conversation. Our community news and information roundup follows what’s being talked about in the small business community across the Web. Read on:

Small Business Advice for Microsoft CEO (Smallbiz Technology)

Microsoft has named Satya Nadella its new CEO. Nine small business experts have some advice for Microsoft CEO Nadella about how the company can better serve small businesses in the future. We think you’ll get a lot from the discussion.

What Super Bowl Ads Can Teach Your Small Business (SmallBizDaily)

Along with the excitement of the event itself, the Super Bowl has become known for its high profile commercials. Here Rieva Lesonsky shares lessons all small businesses can learn from these famous marketing messages.

Consider the Mindful Management Approach (Tweak Your Business)

If you’re not yet familiar with this new approach, it’s your lucky day! Elli St. George Godfrey has nine things you should consider when using this new brand of business leadership.

Where Google Needs to Improve (Exploit Online Demand)

Tim Shiver has put together this interesting questionnaire. It asks how Google, that alternately most admired and most maligned of search engines, could make tweaks to improve it services. And here’s the discussion touched off in the BizSugar community as a result.

Yes, Buy Local Networks are Effective  (Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association)

If you have any doubts, take a look  at this graph. It compares communities that have these program with those that do not. Where would you rather own and operate a small business? Yep, we thought so.

Digital Marketing for All Kinds of Businesses (The Car Wash Business Blog)

Small businesses are all different. But increasingly today, certain kinds of marketing seem to work for all of them. Take digital marketing, for example, including social media. Here are some kinds of digital marketing that seem to work best, regardless of business type.

Better Customer Relationship Management (Cooper Mann Consulting Group)

There are many ways businesses can improve customer experience using technology, says Joanie Mann. But the one that started a conversation in the BizSugar community was about collecting and integrating customer information.

Bring Them Back to Your Website (Deluxe Blog)

Attracting those visitors not just once, but bringing them back again and again, is the key to repeat business. Catherine Mandler has these five suggestions to make sure your visitors become regulars.

HTTP 2.0 is On It’s Way (Wiredtree)

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol that allows the Web to work the way it does is undergoing a change. Actually we’ve already been through two versions of HTTP so far. So what will change with the new version? Will it affect your online business?

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  1. You could easily work for a supplier (a merchant) and simply sell the products. In addition, failure is a huge obstacle and pitfall. They will come back to your site over and over again.

  2. I love the story about mindfulness. Mindfulness can really help people get the most out of any situation. And since most people spend their lives at work, it is especially valuable in the work setting. It will really serve more problems and let managers address problems as they come.