From The Community: Ideas for Startups and Marketing Software

From The Community: Ideas for Startups and Marketing Software

From across the Web, here’s our Small Business Community News and Information roundup looking at some of the issues important to small business owners just like you this week.

Starting a Business By Solving your Own Problems (WP Content)

Collis Ta’eed, CEO of online marketplace Envato, says he “scratched his own itch” when founding the company. Ta’eed tells blogger and entrepreneur Sam Berson he felt people trying to sell tech downloads needed a place of their own on the Web.

Choosing the Leading Marketing Software (Marketing Land)

So, how do you choose the marketing software that’s right for your business? Well, in a perfect world, you’d take the time to evaluate and research all the options. But to save time, you might look for the industry leaders. Matt McGee has a list to consider.

What You Can Learn from Amateurs (Loyola Digital Advertising)

When it comes to effective marketing, knowing your audience and reaching them effectively trumps every other consideration. This post on the marketing and advertizing blog for Loyola University looks at what you can learn from the amateur marketer about identifying a demographic and getting customers’ attention.

We’ll Say It Again; You Should Be Blogging (CodeCondo)

It’s amazing after all the technological changes of the past few years that blogging is still relevant. Or that a business owner, at this late date, would still be urged to think about starting one. But look at this list of benefits. You can see the payoff is still huge.

Google Shopping: An Overview (PPC Hero)

If you haven’t heard of Google Shopping ads yet, you certainly will. But before jumping on the latest online advertising band wagon, have a closer look. Jacob Fairclough, account manager at Hanapin Marketing, gives us an introduction to Google Shopping and what it can do.

Even Dentists Use Mobile Marketing (Digital Dental Magazine)

Still wondering if your brick and mortar business really needs to worry about mobile marketing? Jacob Puhl, editor at Digital Dental Magazine, insists even dental practices should be using this simple and inexpensive means to attract local customers.

Office Politics Realities (InPower Consulting)

You may hate office politics. But it’s time to give work relationships their due. Consultant Dana Theus acknowledges how office politics can impact your career. Entrepreneurs must recognize its place in the company culture they create too.

Developing a Romance Policy for the Office (GenesisHR Solutions)

And speaking of office culture, another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Do you need a romance policy for your workplace? Seem minor? Like so many other decisions you make, it could have big ramifications for your business.

Affordable Care Act and Tax Withholding (Barbara’s Blog)

The passage of the Affordable Care Act has caused many changes for businesses and individuals, as we know. Here, from tax expert Barbara Weltman, is some guidance on yet another issue. Make sure you understand how the new law affects your business.

Be Sure to Do Your Homework (Business Brokers of the Plains)

If you’re selling a business, it’s important to take your time. Do your homework and be sure you understand the terms of any agreement you finally make. Here broker Steve Fischer warns about the dangers of going on emotion when making any big business decisions.

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