Facebook Discrepencies, Innovation Ecosystems Explained

Facebook Discrepencies, Innovation Ecosystems Explained

From Facebook stat discrepancies to innovation ecosystems, our Small Business Trends community news and information roundup this week contains many lessons for entrepreneurs this week. From the blogs and communities we regularly follow, here are issues being discussed.

Don’t Believe Your Facebook Stats (Research Buzz)

Yes, in the midst of another controversy over its emotion manipulation experiments, there’s another issue to give business and other users pause. It seems Facebook’s stats are incorrect, reports Tara Calishain.

Find Partners for your Innovation (The Everyday Innovator)

It may be hard to remember it now with some of the problems Amazon is having with a certain publisher. But there was a time Amazon had book publishers on its side. It’s important not to try your innovations in a vacuum, says innovation Chad McAllister.

Small Business Inspiration on Independence Day (Bplans)

Sometimes we see more than just news and trends from the small business community online. We see some great inspiration too. Here’s a great example. Quotes from entrepreneurs and others to remember while launching your next venture from Jonathan Michael, community manager at Bplans.com.

Persistence is the Key (That Girl Shelly)

Success in your business takes persistence. Don’t worry if you meet resistance. Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t work at first. Here brand designer Shelly Worsham shares some ideas on staying the course along with a video from motivational speaker Les Brown

Your Brand Is Not a Destination (Small Business Bliss)

Branding is a journey, says consultant Martina Iring. It is not a destination. Understanding that your business may need to evolve over time is critical. Here’s more discussion in the BizSugar community.

The Most Productive Part of Your Day (Michael Horesh)

What is the most productive part of your day? Getting an idea about when you are the most alert and able to get the most done, will improve your overall productivity. This is some personal development advice you won’t want to miss.

Manage Your Content Marketing Team (RepCap)

The era of content marketing has pretty much guaranteed almost every brand needs writers capable of creating that content. This means managing freelance writers (unless your small business has the budget to hire them on full-time.

Clean Off Your Blog (Blogging Wizard)

There are some things on your business blog that may not be doing your brand much good. And they could be the very things you’ve been told are helping. Adam Connell offers this wakeup call. Keep following the discussion in the BizSugar community.

Do-It-Yourself Packaging Tips (Handmade Success)

Even in this digital age, there are problems that don’t need online solutions. Geri Jewitt shares these simple do-it-yourself tips for packaging that will maintain your branding throughout the process.

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