Community Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

Community Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

Want your business to make a great impression with online consumers? There are many different ways you can work to get your business in front of people online. And members of our small business community have experience in all of them. Read on for the list of tips below.

Get More Positive Reviews for Your Business

Online reviews can have a big potential impact on how people view your business. People are more likely to invest in products or services if they know that other people have been satisfied with them. So how do you get those positive reviews? Anita Campbell shares some tips in a post for the SBA’s official site.

Reward Business Referrals

When people provide referrals, it can really help your business. In fact, it can even be a good idea to provide incentives for your existing customers to refer others to your business. In this Marketing Innovators post, McKenzie Stephens shares some tips for doing just that.

Set an Online Marketing Budget That Drives Business Growth

Any sort of online marketing plan needs a budget. But if you can create a budget that will actually drive business growth, as George Meszaros discusses in this Success Harbor post, you’ll be in a much better situation. And you can see further discussion about the post over on BizSugar.

Get Your Brand Listed on Top Lists

When customers browse online for new businesses to support, they may come across some lists that include businesses in your particular industry or category. If you are able to get your business on some of those lists, you could better your chances of getting found. Diana Beyer shares some tips for getting your business included on some top lists in this Right Mix Marketing post.

Stop Stressing Over Backlinks

Fishing for backlinks has been considered a worthwhile marketing exercise for some business owners and SEO professionals. But as Kyla Becker explains in this Marketing Land post, that might not be the best use of your time anymore.

Pay Close Attention to Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages often serve as a first impression of your business for customers. So it’s important to create good ones. In this Process Street post, Benjamin Brandall examined various landing pages for SaaS startups and shared his analysis. BizSugar members also shared input on the post.

Improve the Sales and Marketing Relationship

When you get down to it, marketing is all about relationships. Whether you’re selling online or to individual customers, improving your sales and marketing relationships can be a worthwhile goal. In this Cirrus Insight post, Brigg Patten includes some tips for improving those relationships.

Use These Content Marketing Hacks to Speed Up Blog Growth

A great blog can help you make a great impression with online consumers. But if your blog never reaches anyone, it’s not going to have much of an impact. Instead, take a look at this post by Christopher Jan Benites on Basic Blog Tips. And then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post here.

Find Meaning in Information Technology

If you want to make the best possible business decisions, you need to know how to best gather and decipher all the data that’s out there. Check out this post by Andre Bourque of the Social Marketing Fella for some tips on finding the meaning in information technology.

Use Automated and Outsourced Internet Marketing Tools

Marketing your business to online consumers can be a time consuming process. But it doesn’t have to be. As Zac Johnson details in this SteamFeed post, there are plenty of different ways you can automate and outsource various marketing processes.

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