From Our Community: Get Paid, Avoid Tax Errors

From Our Community: Get Paid, Avoid Tax Errors

Starting a business can be fun. But there are always aspects of running a business that aren’t that fun or exciting. Tracking down payments from clients, working on taxes, and similar tasks are not usually what draw people into starting a business. But they’re necessary nonetheless.

This week, members of our small business community shared some tips about the less-than-exciting aspects of starting and running a business. Read the full list in our Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Learn How to Pursue Payments from Clients

(Small Biz Daily)

When you think about what it takes to run a business, you probably think about coming up with a great product, selling to clients, and marketing. But one aspect of business that not many entrepreneurs look forward to is pursuing late payments. If you sometimes have issues getting clients to pay for your products or services on time, this list of tips from Conrad Ford could help.

Get Your Taxes Right

(Cate Costa)

Taxes aren’t exactly the most exciting aspect of running a business either. But getting them done correctly is essential. In this post, Cate Costa shares some of the most common mistakes people make regarding their business taxes. Then she shares some tips for avoiding those mistakes.

Learn How to Network

(The NICE Reboot Book Blog)

Networking only comes naturally to some entrepreneurs. For others, it can seem forced and awkward. But whether online or in-person, networking can be crucial for a growing business. So Penina Ryback shares some tips for improving networking skills in this post.

Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

(The Big Red Tomato Company)

Procrastination can be a huge issue for many business owners and professionals. But getting past it can lead to higher success rates. So Matthew Needham offers seven tips to help business owners stop procrastinating in this post. The BizSugar community also had some thoughts to share about procrastination.

Avoid These Brand Fails

(Social Media Impact)

Small business owners can learn a lot from looking at the successes and failures of larger companies. Over the last several years, lots of big brands have made very public mistakes that ended up costing them. Here, Christiana Hart shares a list of those brand fails and what small businesses can learn from them.

Apply a Personal Trainer Attitude to Your Business


Do you have trouble getting motivated to get to the gym? Using a personal trainer can help motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals. In business, that same attitude can be applied, according to Rachel Hurley. She shares some tips for applying a personal trainer attitude to your business here.

Simplify Your Customers’ Choices

(Wine Glass Marketing)

In order to patronize your business, your customers have to make a series of choices. Should they visit your website? Should they click a particular link? Should they buy a particular product? In order to sell more, you need to make these decisions and the process that goes along with them as simple as possible. Susan Dematei shares some tips for simplifying your customers’ choices here.

Create Perfect Social Media Posts for Each Network

(CJG Digital Marketing)

With so many different social networks, creating the perfect post to fit every channel is nearly impossible. But you can find a way to optimize your content for each site and its particular audience. In this post, Jomer Gregorio shares some tips, along with an infographic, for creating posts that fit different social media platforms.

Reach Your First 10,000 Followers on Twitter

(Guest Crew)

Getting your first followers on any social platform can be tough. But you also have to make sure that those followers are actually engaged with what you have to say. Here, Uttoran Sen shares some tips for building your initial Twitter following. And BizSugar members talk more about the post here.

Avoid These Content Marketing Mistakes

(Enveritas Group)

There are many different ways to use content marketing to further your business. But there are also plenty of ways to hinder your own efforts. In this post, Caralee Culpepper shares a few common mistakes that businesses make when dealing with content marketing, along with tips for avoiding them.

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