In Our Community: Unlocking Potential, Empowering Your Team and More

In Our Community: Unlocking Potential, Empowering Your Team and More

It’s time again for our community news and information roundup. That’s when we collect the best links and resources from the small business blogs and communities we follow across the Web. Here’s what’s being talked about:

Unlock Your Team’s Potential Conspire by Mindjet

You may think creating a winning team for your business is just about getting things done more efficiently. But quite a bit more may be at stake, writes Arwen Petty. Disengagement can lead not only to low productivity but also to some employees simply jumping ship. High turnover of this kind can be bad for business. Here’s an infographic demonstrating the problem.

Why You Need a Store Online StickyWebz

Brick and mortar stores may be surprisingly slow to head online, despite the data about the incredible growth opportunities. One reason may be that they feel they’re business is doing fine as it is. David Winsauer’s company helps businesses create online stores. Here he shares some of the clear improvements any business can see by moving to the Web.

How to Empower Employees  Awake at 2 O’Clock in the Morning

If you don’t empower your employees, you’ll be stuck making every decision yourself. But the balance between empowering employees and keeping control of your business can be a tricky one. Business coach John F. Dini explains in this post above how to empower your employees to try new things. He also took some time in the BizSugar community this week to discuss finding balance in the process.

Build a Better Facebook About Page Tro Smith

Marketing writer Scott McKelvey argues those who don’t do all they can with their Facebook “about” page are wasting some very valuable real estate. But creating an “about” page on Facebook may be trickier than most small business owners realize. McKelvey suggests framing everything you say about your brand in terms of how it solves a customer’s problems.

WordPress Plugins for the Beginner Fiction Notes

You could be a small business owner creating a website about your product or service. Or  you could be a budding author sharing your latest manuscript with the world. Either way, WordPress is a pretty standard tool. Here, author Darcy Pattison gives us an overview of the plugins that can make your WordPress site better, regardless of your goals.

Harness the Power of Impatience In Power Women

Many of us may have been taught the value of patience in our lives. But suppose that isn’t the characteristic we should be cultivating most. Sometimes big ideas and the ability to launch them boldly come from a totally different place, says executive coach Mitch Sheppard. Could your business goals be helped with a dash of impatience?

Discover Hashtag Conversations on Twitter Zimana

Using social media effectively is about more than just knowing what to tweet or share. It should be about listening effectively to find the conversations you should be a part of. But how do you find these conversations in all the noise on social networks? Pierre DeBois suggests these Twitter tools to help you explore hashtags around the conversations you need to know about.

Most Businesses Deal with Price Shoppers Planner’s Lounge

Do you dread customers who ask for your price list or for the cost of your packages? Amber Peterson is talking specifically about the wedding and event planning industry here. But, let’s face it. Many businesses deal with price shoppers at one time or another. Of course, getting a good deal is something everyone can appreciate. But having customers thinking only in terms of price is not optimal. Peterson offers some suggestions that should work for just about any industry.

Why 80 Percent Won’t Do EnMast

So, you’ve got that project 80 percent done? Well, to your clients or customers waiting for your work, that’s the same as zero percent done, unfortunately. And for your business, says consultant Brad Farris, it’s even worse. But how can that be? That’s because you’ve already invested so much time and energy in the part you did finish. Devan Perine, who shared this wonderful post with the BizSugar community this week, also took time to comment on a challenge we all must get better at meeting.

You Might Be Missing the Point Aimsights

If you think social networking is just about being active on Facebook and Twitter, you may be missing the point. In this post, Donald Castle argues that the social networking giants might indeed be only symptoms of a much larger trend. If you really want to understand how customer behavior is changing, it’s time to look a bit deeper.

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