Spotlight: Consolidated Plastics Puts Quality at Customers’ Feet

branded floor mats

Plastic is a material that can make up so many different things. You might not even think about all of the different products that include plastic. But Consolidated Plastics is a family-owned business that specializes in plastic products.

The company has been in business for 34 years. And it specializes in selling branded floor mats and other plastic-based products to long-term clients. So building long-term relationships with these other businesses has always been important. Read more about the company and the products it supplies in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Sells branded floor mats and other plastic based products.

The company’s list of products includes commercial floor mats, logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, plastic bottles, containers and bags.

Business Niche:

Offering the best service.

The company stocks many of its products so they can ship in the same day. And they only sell the highest-quality products. President of Consolidated Plastics Brenton Taussig explains:

“We stand behind our products, have the easiest website to use and the friendliest and most helpful customer service group.”

How the Business Got Started:

As a mail-order company.

Taussig’s father started the company in 1981 in Stow, Ohio. It was a niche company that sold plastic goods to other businesses via mail order.

branded floor mats



Biggest Win:

Keeping customers for the long haul.

The team at Consolidated Plastics takes pride in providing great service. That service has led to a lot of long-term relationships with customers. Taussig says:

“We have many customers who have purchased from us for over 30 years — this speaks to our ability to serve them with quality products and service, time after time.”

Biggest Risk:

Switching to direct shipping.

Several years ago, Consolidated Plastics switched from keeping its own inventory to a direct shipping method. This method allowed the company to save money, but it also meant putting a lot of trust in the suppliers. Taussig explains:

“Last year the suppliers lead time stretched to a month. Since our beginning we have always prided ourselves on fabulous service and waiting to ship a mat for a month is far from fabulous service. We made the decision that the investment in inventory was worth it and made this move in 2014. Now we have the ability to ship your mat today.”

branded floor mats

Lesson Learned:

Treat customers how you want to be treated.

When Consolidated Plastics started relying on suppliers to ship products to customers, they learned just how important customer service is. They didn’t want to rely on anyone else to provide service that was up to their standards. Taussig says:

“Consolidated follows the Golden Rule and we want to treat our customers how we wish to be treated when purchasing from other companies.”

Business Motto:

Quality over price.

Taussig explains:

“When we sell a mat for $57.70 that looks in a picture identical to one Home Depot sells for $20, it’s easy to be tempted to sacrifice quality for price. Instead we have continued to improve our quality, with American made mats that can be 3 t0 4 times thicker, plusher and heavier duty than our competitors. We win long term by competing on quality and service.”

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