Constant Contact Launches New AI Marketing Tool

constant contact ai marketing tool

Small businesses and nonprofits can now use GPT technology to create engaging marketing content created in seconds. Constant Contact’s new AI Content Generator leverages artificial intelligence to automate the copy drafting process for marketing campaigns.

It’s the first multichannel AI content generator that’s been built specifically for that otherwise underserved niche.

Russ Morton is the Chief Product Officer at Constant Contact. He says that at least in one way, this product is nothing new.

“AI has been built into our platform for years,” he writes “Our customers love using it to draft and test email subject lines.”

They also use it on the back end to help protect customers against spam and ensure that their messages get delivered. This new AI Content Generator builds on these previous investments.

“It really takes things up a notch,” he says. “Constant Contact exists to help the small stand tall. We’ve helped millions of small businesses and nonprofits throughout our history by delivering everything they need to build, grow and succeed.”

This AI Content Generator is built on the company’s own data and AI algorithms. The combination recognizes content that small business customers are more likely to engage with.

The process is simple.

“After a few quick prompts by the customer, we leverage the power of GPT technology from OpenAI to automatically draft high-quality copy. The results can be used across multiple marketing channels like email, SMS, and social media,” Morton says.

Constant Contact offers online marketing tools, CRM as well as sales features. Adopting this kind of AI technology levels the playing field so small businesses can use tools that were out of their reach before.

“AI technology this powerful has typically been reserved for larger enterprise-scale businesses with big budgets and a deep bench of marketing professionals,” Morton says.
“It was complex and expensive to implement, and generally out of reach to most small businesses and nonprofits. We’re helping to change that narrative.”

Constant Contact marketing automation efforts don’t stop there. The new AI Content Generator is coupled with an Automation Path Builder.

This feature is a library of prebuilt templates identifying customers who take specific actions. Like making a certain purchase and subscribing to a list.

Working together, these products eliminate the manual work involved in creating new marketing campaigns.

Morton concludes by pointing out why interested small businesses shouldn’t waver.

“We’re excited to offer the AI Content Generator for free to all new Constant Contact customers. And current customers using SMS marketing, for a limited time,” he says.
Visit the website to try the AI Content Generator for free, and learn more about their new advanced automation capabilities.

Image: Constant Contact

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