66% of Consumers Expect Free Shipping on Every Purchase


A large majority of consumers (66%) expect free shipping on every purchase they make online. An even larger number (80%) expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount on online products.

These were some key insights of the Q2 2021 Consumer Trends Report issued by Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout, Amazon research tool providers, conducted an anonymous survey of 1,066 US consumers. The survey asked participants about their buying habits, preferences, and behaviors. Respondents were from each state in the US and aged between 18 and 75. They were also of varying professions, employment types and income levels.

Fast and Low-Cost Shipping is Essential

The report confirmed that fast and low-cost shipping is essential in the bid to keep online shoppers happy.

It found that 91% of consumers expect to receive an online order within a week. 9% expect to receive orders the same day.

80% of online shoppers expect parcel tracking on all orders. The same amount wants to be notified when their order has left the warehouse.

Almost two thirds (70%) say they would be very upset if their product didn’t arrive on time. And almost half (47%) say they would be willing to spend more on a product for faster shipping.

Changing Shopping Habits and Expectations

The pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns have altered the way consumers shop and their demands and expectations. Shoppers are making more purchases online and are expecting quick, low-cost, and safe shipping on all products.

To remain competitive and profitable, small businesses need to cater for the surge in online shopping and offer the convenient, reliable and cost-effective shipping consumers’ demand.

JungleScout notes how expectations over shipping are evolving: “Attitudes ad expectations towards delivery and shipping are evolving as consumers have grown to adopt and rely on ecommerce during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online shoppers demonstrate an increased demand for fast and low-cost shipping.”

More Consumers Participating in Second-hand Buying

The report also highlights the rising popularity of purchasing second-hand products online.

  • 32% of the survey’s participants say they are looking for pre-owned products when they shop online.
  • 44% say they have bought or sold pre-owned items over the last year.

The survey confirms Amazon’s popularity as a channel for buying and selling second-hand items online.

For small businesses, entrepreneurs or anyone thinking about starting a venture selling products, JungleScout’s report reinforces the value of not only selling online but offering free, fast and reliable shipping.

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