Content Marketing, Dedicated Servers and More

Content Marketing, Dedicated Servers and More

It’s time for another community news and information roundup here at Small Business Trends. It’s that time we go out and search the Web for the very best small business news and advice our community has to offer each week.

We think we’ve got the best small business community in the world here at Small Business Trends. Here’s what some of them had to offer.

The Trouble with Content Marketing. (Content Confidence)

Marketers embrace content creation these days as a major tool for spreading their messages. Great content brings visitors and potential customers. But it also requires a process. Here Neil Henry explains one approach.

Blogging Isn’t So Hard. (Mike Hale)

Speaking of content creation, are you making things too hard on yourself? Mike Hale claims you learned most of the basic skills you need for great blogging back in seventh grade. Tell us what you think of his assessment.

Basic Backlink Strategies. (

This post looks at some of the basic tried and true backlink strategies that have always been part of a traditional content marketing campaign. But a conversation at the BizSugar community raises the question: are they as helpful as they used to be?

The Return of the Digg Effect. (Marketing Land)

It’s a blast from the past that could make you nostalgic for a time when MySpace was still a major social network and mobile carriers still sold minutes. Digg may actually be sending traffic to your website again! Matt McGee has more.

Become a Part of Your Customer’s Life. (Talk 19 Media)

Let’s face it. If you stay in your customers’ lives just long enough to make the sale, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back in the future. But if you market to them non-stop, you’ll be labeled a spammer. And rightfully so! Fortunately, there’s something in between.

Does Your Business Need a Dedicated Server? (Karl Hindle)

We talk a lot about cloud computing these days and about outsourced Web hosting. But here, Braden Ellis guest posts on a totally different subject, dedicated servers. This is when your business leases an entire server instead of sharing space with others. Here are some reasons to consider this option.

Five Ways to Think About Products More Effectively. (Leading Like A Champion)

The idea of selling benefits instead of features is nothing new for businesses. But in this post, Wole Ososami looks at why this works, and gives you five reasons it remains an effective strategy.

Great Sales Questions You Should Consider. (Entrepreneurs Questions)

Sales coach S. Anthony Iannarino insists there is no best question you can ask a prospect on a sales call. But there are best questions you should consider, he says. Here are some of the things you’ll want to get answered.

Multi-tasking is Overrated. (Rhonda’s Virtual Office)

Yep, as a small business owner and entrepreneur, there are many things you’ve got to do in a single day. As tempting as it may be to tackle them all at once, here are some solid arguments against it. What do you think?

Learning to Fall Down the Stairs. (Joyous Joys)

Kate Forster, president and “joy expert” of Red Currant Media, tells the agonizing story of her interview for a very important internship and how she lived to fight another day. There’s a lesson here about learning to laugh at yourself and keep going.

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