10 Tips for Tailoring Your Content Marketing Strategy to Your Unique Brand

content marketing strategy for your brand

Content marketing can take several forms to work for different businesses. Some rely on social platforms like Instagram. Others opt for blogging and video creation. So it can help to gather tips from a variety of sources to help you create a strategy that works for your unique goals. Read on for a variety of insights from members of the online small business community.

Grow and Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Instagram offers plenty of unique opportunities to engage with your audience. There are feed posts, stories, reels, and even direct messages. So how can businesses make sense of all these options when growing an audience? Read this Social Media Examiner post by Corinna Keefe for details.

Use These Social Media Sites for Your Business

There are tons of social platforms available for people of varying ages, backgrounds, and interests. So businesses should consider their target audience carefully when deciding which sites to use. In this SEMRush post, Michelle Ofiwe shares six sites that could benefit your business.

Build Topical Authority on Your Website or Blog

When people visit your website or read your blog, you want them to trust your content. That means you need to have authority in your area of expertise. Check out this Inspire to Thrive post by Folajomi Ballo for tips on accomplishing this goal. Then head over to BizSugar to read members’ thoughts.

Get Your Content Found in the Conversational Search Era

The way people search online has changed. Today, the style is often conversational. So businesses need to adapt their content to make it easily found using these terms. This Content Marketing Institute post by Romy Catauta includes tips on this subject.

Get to Know the Latest Content Marketing Facts

Each business ultimately must make the content marketing decisions that work for their brand. However, understanding the industry trends can guide some of your decisions. This Blogging Wizard post by Adam Connell features statistics and facts that may benefit marketers.

Choose the Best WordPress Theme for SEO

There are many factors that go into a company’s SEO strategy. One that often gets overlooked is the theme for your website or blog. In this Search Engine Journal post, Maddy Osman shares tips for choosing the best WordPress theme for this purpose.

Create Impressive Video Content to Engage Your Audience

People often go right to blogging and social posts when they think of content marketing. But video is another important element. In this Platter of Gold post, Adeyemi Adisa details some of the best tools for creating impressive videos.

Boost Engagement with Your Audience

One of the main benefits of content marketing is the ability to really engage with followers. Whether you’re blogging, creating video, or posting on social media, boosting engagement is key. Learn how thanks to the tips in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Follow These Best Practices for Content Planning

Before you can create effective content, you need to plan your strategy. Lee Jackson offers tips in this Web Presence post. And BizSugar members discussed their thoughts on the topic here.

Trigger Emotions to Boost Sales

Content marketing can help you evoke emotions in your customers and followers. Evoke the right mix of emotions, and you may just convince them to buy. Read this GrowMap post by Hamas Hassan for tips on using emotions to increase sales.

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