30 Online Tools for Home Improvement Contractors

30 Online Contractor Software Tools for Home Improvement Contractors

Home improvement contractors should take advantage of technology to make projects more efficient and profitable. Here are 30 online contractor software tools that help accomplish those goals.

Online Contractor Software


This app is great for the home improvement contractor who doesn’t have a lot of time for math. You can use it to lay out a variety of projects that require calculations—from shelving to fencing and even wainscoting. Enter dimensions and configurations, calculations come back. Available on Android and iOS.

Fence Builder

All you need to do is enter the fence area, browse materials, styles and pricing. Then take a list to your supplier that’s ready to go. Available on iOS.


Get the right slope and level when you need it through your iPhone or iPad with this app.


This is a cost estimating tool that’s great for those projects where the client needs to keep an ongoing eye on cost. You can get cost breakdowns here for over 800 common projects.

UDA construction suite

This suite offers a variety of must haves for the home contractor. It comes complete with fast estimating tools, financial graphs and CRM tools. Great for the growing company.


This software covers all the bases from project management to customer management for home improvement contractors. Best of all, it’s cloud based for easy access and use.

Autodesk Homestyler

This one is more geared to the home designer but extremely useful for the home contractor at the same time. You can export a shopping list from local hardware store and even use real products with this one. It gives your clients a great idea of what your finished job will look like.

Job Flex

Getting bids and estimates to clients as quickly as possible is essential. This app allows you to put together  photos of the estimates and build a detailed materials list that you can edit on the fly. Available on Android.


Perfect for and specially designed for project management, you can keep track of multiple jobs across different sites with this handy tool. Although it was probably designed for construction development, it comes in handy for the ambitious home contractor who subcontracts out some of his work. This one only available online and for iOS devices.

DeWalt Mobile Pro

A great app that lets home improvement contractors calculate everything from estimating the number of studs and drywall needs to area and length conversions. Available for Android and iOS.

Handyman Calculator

Google Play reports this one has been tested by over a million contractors. You can save calculations to notepad and even keep track of time spent with this app.


Here’s a great online tool for home renovation contractors looking for new clients. This networking site can help you find work.

iHandy Carpenter

This supplies you with five tools you’ll need as a carpenter. It includes a plumb bob level to check the walls are squared and a flat level to make sure surfaces are even. Available for Android and iOS.


Even the best contractor can get stuck sometimes. This draws on a Wikipedia type model and gets professionals to write guides on how to fix a variety of things. The home construction and electrical sections are good references for home renovation contractors. Available on Android and Microsoft.

Feet & Inches Calculator

For adding subtracting and even multiplying dimensions. Great for doing math on the fly at the job site. Available for Android and iOS.


Just the thing for the busy contractor who has more than one task on the go. The customizable views here are excellent including due date per project. Best of all this is free for up to 15 people.

Zoho Projects

This one has everything the busy contractor needs. From milestones , time sheets and invoices to tasks and subtasks. Zoho makes it easy to break tasks down into subtasks and categories like roofing and wiring.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Of course the more time you’re out in the field as a contractor, the more money you’ll make. You can create unlimited pay checks with this software and send money to suppliers to keep things moving along.

I.D. Wood

This is a great app for the carpenter. This app that identifies a number of wood samples acts like a mobile showroom for your clients. Available on iOS

Carpentry Pocket Reference

Another great mobile reference, the difference is this one is for the contractor. This is a great handy app based on the U.S. Army Field Manual for carpenters.


Great software designed for construction management but perfect for the home improvement contractor too. It’s got excellent financial management and accounting features.

Safety Meeting

It’s always important to be safe. Get safety info as well as info to help you pass safety inspections and even audits.


An excellent home design app to give prospects sitting on the fence something to look at. Outstanding 2D and 3D cutaway modes so you can put a vision for any project together.


Improve accuracy and productivity with this easy to use app. Keep and eye on overhead and unnecessary costs in real time.


This is the app when you want to get your bid in first. Bid, budget and even communicate with the field with this software.


This one allows contractors and architects to work and put designs together on an iPad. Free updates and cloud backup are just two of the other extras.

EagleView Technologies

These folks take the worry out of digital measurements. Property measurements feature 3D diagrams.

Smart Tools

This comes with a small price that’s well worth it. You get 6 app sets with 15 tools total that includes a ruler and ways to measure angle, slope and distances  to name a few. Available for Android.

Photo Measures App

This app is an excellent way to take pictures and draw measurements right on the photos. You can add comments. It’s an excellent great way to clarify projects in the field. Available for Android and iOS.


A construction calculator perfect for roofers and carpenters. This app calculates the diagonal of a square and converts the numbers to metric or imperial. Available for Android.

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