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copywriting courses

If you are not already familiar with it then you have at least heard about it. Copywriting is writing content for an advertisement campaign or any kind of promotional purpose. Copywriting bridges the skills of professional writing and the creativity of advertising. Copywriting is a foundation stone for content marketing. Copywriting can be further categorized into web copywriting, product copywriting, B2B & B2C copywriting, Ad copywriting, Social media copywriting, and so on. Mastering copywriting can help you increase traffic to your website and boost your sales.

Currently, there are several copywriting courses out there. Here is a selection of the best copywriting courses available online.

Copywriting Courses

Complete Copywriting Workshop Course

Complete Copywriting Workshop Course elaborates on how to use sales psychology to drive your readers to buy your products and services. Other than a guide to writing an effective sales copy, the course also reveals hacks and secrets from the most successful copywriters. The course contains 3 hours of video lectures, 20 downloadable resources, and 6 articles. The 3-hour program is organized into 39 lectures over 13 sections such as:

  • The secret to Creating a Winning Plan
  • Welcome to The Pocket Guide Section and How To Use It
  • Pocket Guide to Press Releases
  • Pocket Guide to Case Studies
  • Pocket Guide to Web Copy


Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells In 2022

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells In 2022 is an updated course that explains copywriting and the most effective ways doing it to achieve the maximum outcome.  It covers structure and persuasion, types of copywriting, and proven methods and formulas of copywriting. Moreover, the lessons include copywriting for specific types of projects. The course has 7 hours of video lectures, 94 downloadable resources, and 2 articles. The seven-hour long course is divided into 66 lectures across 9 sections such as:

  • Copywriting for B2B vs. B2C
  • Creating Great Headlines
  • Copywriting for Landing Pages and CTAs
  • Copywriting for Email
  • Copywriting for Social Media


Build a Lucrative Copywriting Portfolio With Ease

Build a Lucrative Copywriting Portfolio With Ease is a step-by-step guide to building an attractive copywriting portfolio that will get you your first job. Whether you are new to copywriting or a pro the lessons in this package give you tested and true tips and templates. It is made up of 1 hour of video lectures, 10 downloadable resources, and 3 articles. This online copywriting course is structured into 16 lectures across 8 sections including:

  • Power up Your Portfolio
  • Build a Digital Portfolio in 10 Minutes (or Less)
  • Nail Every Copywriting Project with this Brief
  • Write your Portfolio Samples. GO, GO, GO!!!
  • Gain Extra Credibility With Testimonials


Persuasive Copywriting (2022): Become a Copywriting Master

Prepared by a fortune 100 copywriter, Persuasive Copywriting (2022): Become a Copywriting Master teaches the fundamentals of copywriting and content marketing. The vast course explores persuasive marketing psychology principles, powerful headlines, lead generation Ads, SPF framework for high-level copywriting, how to avoid common copywriting and content marketing mistakes, and much more. The copywriting course is comprised of 11 hours of video lectures, 5 downloadable resources, and 9 articles. These lessons are divided into 100 lectures from 11 sections including:

  • My Framework for High-Level Copywriting
  • B2B Copywriting Mistakes
  • Cold Email Copywriting
  • Website Content Writing – Shopify Plus Case
  • Lead Nurturing Copywriting


Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO Course

Best of Copywriting & SEO: this is an all-in-one package course that covers Content Marketing, Copywriting & SEO. You will learn the basics of copywriting and the psychology of persuasion and persuasive writing. It is inclusive of professional templates for content creation, Email marketing, blogs, letters, ads, and press releases. Furthermore, it offers easy methods for understanding and doing SEO, local SEO, and Content Marketing. This package has 6.5 hours of video lectures, 41 downloadable resources, and a practice test. The 6.5-hour long course is broken down into 23 lectures such as:

  • Copywriting Essentials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing Ideas
  • Content Marketing Templates
  • Careers & Freelancing


Copywriting White Papers – An All Levels Strategy

Copywriting White Papers is a type of writing you write for informing and making recommendations, not for persuasion. This is a guide to white paper writing and becoming an expert writer. The lessons contain 1 hour of video lectures, 16 downloadable resources, and one article. The program takes a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete and it has 28 modules across 11 sections such as:

  • How to Structure your White Paper
  • How to be an Expert, Without Being An Expert
  • Your White paper, Completed
  • Finding those Early Clients for White Papers


Alan Sharpe’s 30-hr Copywriting Masterclass & Coaching

Updated for 2022, Alan Sharpe’s 30-hr Copywriting Masterclass & Coaching course is a very brief step-by-step guide to copywriting for the novice to the expert. Prepared by the seasoned fortune 500 B2B copywriter the course teaches you the three types of copy; copy that sells, copy that generates leads, and copy that cultivates leads. In the bundle, there are 25 hours of video lectures, 34 downloadable resources, and 20 articles. The 30hr program contains 267 lectures across 17 sections including:

  • Copywriting for Beginners Part 1 – Seven Questions
  • 30 Copywriting Secrets from the Most Successful Advertising Campaign in History
  • Write B2B Cold Emails & Lead-Nurture Emails
  • How to Become a Freelance Copywriter
  • Business Writing Refresher


Copywriting – Become a Freelance Copywriter, Your Own Boss

Copywriting – Become a Freelance Copywriter, Your Own Boss is a course to turn your basic writing skills into copywriting career that can earn more than $400 daily. It shows you how to build your portfolio, build a copywriter website, find clients, market yourself, and more. The course is comprised of 1.5 hours of video lectures, 21 downloadable resources, and 4 articles. This is a 3-hour long program with 37 lectures distributed among 8 sections including:

  • Getting Started
  • Choose Projects where you feel Comfortable
  • Back to Basics II
  • How to Boost Your Copywriting Income
  • More on Pricing Your Work


Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing

In Writing Tools & Hacks, you will learn all the free tools and applications to boost your copywriting, blogging, and content writing game. You will learn the secrets of persuasive marketing copy, write captivating headlines, add traffic to your content, grow your platform, and write efficiently. This online course is made up of 1.5 hours of video resources, 1 article, and 4 downloadable resources. The one and half hour course have 33 lectures across 9 sections such as:

  • Tools for Brainstorming Killer Content Ideas
  • Tools for Performing Robust Keyword Research
  • Tools for writing Persuasive marketing copy
  • Tools for writing killer Headlines
  • Tools for Polishing & Proofing Your Writing


Copywriting secrets – How to write copy that sells

Copywriting secrets – How to write copy that sells course teaches you how to write compelling sales copy, white paper, and exploit emotions even if you are writing in a B2B environment. It is inclusive of real-life examples and case studies. This is a course with 3 hours of video lectures, 43 downloadable resources, and 2 articles. It takes a total of 3 hours and 13 minutes to complete the course. The lessons are arranged into 39 lectures in 11 sections including:

  • Features, Benefits, and Advantages – the Bit Everyone Gets Wrong
  • The Most Powerful Way to Structure Your Sales Copy
  • Copywriting, How to Write A Press Release & Get Published
  • Case Studies: Everything you Need to Know
  • Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

According to, 59% would avoid doing business with a company that made spelling or grammar mistakes and 74% of readers pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar errors. Copywriting teaches just how much the consumer needs to read to decide on a product or service. It can guide to use specific and practical words and styles of writing to achieve the best result.


Udemy has thousands of national, multinational, and international companies as well as governmental and private customers. NASDAQ, Eventbrite, Volkswagen, and NetApp are some of the companies offering Udemy courses to their employees.


How Much Does a Copywriting Courses cost?

Copywriting Courses cost an average of $85, and when you purchase the course, you’ll receive lifetime access (including updates) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Udemy’s courses are usually on discounts and special offers, so there is a good chance you will land a better deal.


Are there certifications for Copywriting Courses?

You will be awarded a verifiable certificate of completion from Udemy.


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