CorpNet Adds Free Meeting Minutes and Corporate Document Templates

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Corporate document templates

Professional documents can be time consuming to prepare, not to mention expensive if you have to hire a lawyer to draft them. If you’ve incorporated your small business or are planning to do so, from time to time you’ll need to prepare corporate documents to adopt or amend bylaws, appoint directors, select an accounting period, appoint officers to your board, and more.

Many official corporate actions require proper documentation. If you don’t observe formalities, you can lose the liability protections of the corporate structure.

One solution is to start with corporate document templates you can use for a do-it-yourself approach. CorpNet has launched its Meeting Minutes Templates, a free resource with dozens of templates, with just this purpose in mind.

You choose specific corporate documents you need to generate. You fill in the blanks online. Then you print the  completed document.  And you meet your obligations to follow corporate requirements.

Innovation: Not Limited to Traditional Product Companies

This latest resource is one more example of continuous innovation by a service company.

For instance, in May, CorpNet released its Business Information Zone resource. A cloud-based corporate compliance tool, it lets business owners set up alerts keeping track of important tax and corporate filing deadlines.

CorpNet President Nellie Akalp and her husband Phil founded CorpNet four years ago – but they are not newcomers to their industry.  They are actually pioneers in the legal document filing industry.

The couple launched their first document filing company, MyCorporation, in 1997, then sold it to Intuit in 2005.

After a period of time out of the marketplace under a noncompete, they reentered the industry with their new company.  Since then, the husband-and-wife business owner team has continued to adapt and innovate. The company recently tripled its office space to accommodate a growing staff and has spent an estimated quarter of a million dollars on product development, Akalp says.

She estimates the company has incorporated more than 6,000 small businesses (or helped them file LLCs) in the last year.

“Constantly Innovate”

Akalp suggests that even small businesses in service industries can innovate — and must if they want to stay ahead of competitors.

“You have to constantly innovate and come out with new tools and apps that make the end user’s job easier,” she says. “We came out as the new kids on the block in 2009, and because of our constant product development to date, we are back in the game and right up there with the rest of the leaders.”

Akalp says CorpNet uses SurveyMonkey for client surveys and TryMyUI to get feedback about the company’s website. Both have provided valuable feedback on the company’s products and services, she adds.

She suggests small business owners regularly engage with clients, finding out what they need through customer inquiries, surveys, and Google searches. Then find ways to respond to those needs with an evolving offering of products and services.  “Just don’t stand still.”

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