Could You Really Comeback from This Much Failure?

could you really comeback from a failure

This week on The Small Business Radio Show, I feature a comeback story every entrepreneur can relate. This story can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Akeem Shannon has had more than his fair share of failures and setbacks. But through failing again and again, he found himself moving his way toward success. From college dropout to CEO of an Inc Magazine, Top 50 Fastest Growing Consumer Brand, Akeem has shared his story to restless 3rd graders and an event at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Here is what we discussed:

What inspired you to persevere after experiencing academic setbacks and losing your scholarship during your studies at Howard University?

Could you share a pivotal moment or realization that drove you to transition from corporate success to pursuing your entrepreneurial vision with Flipstik?

You applied to P. Diddy’s pitch competition but was not chosen to pitch, so instead, he participated in the music competition and pitched his business in a rap. What happened?

In November 2020, when Akeem Aired on Shark Tank, the week of the election, his segment was interrupted by a speech by then-candidate Joe Biden, stating that the country still didn’t know who the president would be. What happened?

How did your encounters with failure, such as the missed opportunity on Shark Tank, shape your resilience and determination to keep pushing forward?

In what ways did your background in sales and exposure to diverse industries influence your approach to building Flipstik and navigating the business landscape?

What role did mentorship and guidance play in your journey, especially when faced with challenges or obstacles?

How have you managed to balance innovation and adaptability while scaling Flipstik’s growth, particularly during pivotal moments like securing distribution in major retailers and launching new products?

Beyond business success, you’ve actively advocated for inclusivity and equality in entrepreneurship. Could you share more about your efforts and initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented groups in the business world?

Listen to my entire uplifting interview with Akeem on The Small Business Radio Show.

Image: Akeem Shannon

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  1. Love seeing that kind of resilience and drive. And I’m sure there is a supporting cast in the background helping him. Shout out to them as well.

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