Shoppers Say They Do More In-Person Purchases Once COVID Vaccine Rolls Out Nationally

In-Person Purchases

56% of consumers plan to shop more in-store following the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. Around 67% of shoppers say the deployment of the vaccine will not alter how often they shop online.

These important consumer statistics were unveiled by a study by DealAid, a charity that partners with businesses to raise money for good causes.

COVID Vaccine Will Increase In-person Shopping

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine’s Impact on Retail & Ecommerce’ study focuses on discovering how consumer behavior will change with the rollout of vaccines. The researchers surveyed over 1,000 US consumers to find out about their shopping plans and to gauge understanding on how the vaccine will impact retail.

DealAid’s research provides important insight for small businesses as they continue to navigate uncertain and challenging waters. With more than half (56%) of consumers saying they plan to shop more in-store after the vaccine rollout, small retailers would be wise not to rule out opening physical stores.

By the same token, with around 67% of consumers indicating they will not change their current online shopping behavior, small retailers would be savvy to maintain online selling activities.

The authors of the report summarise the impending demand for both in-store and online shopping in the wake of the vaccine rollout:

“Based on the data we collected, more people will shop in-store and spend more money on certain product categories within 1-6 months of COVID-19 vaccine rollout. While many consumers have indicated that they will also reduce their online spending, the majority have said that they do not plan to change their online shopping behavior despite imminent release of the vaccine,” the authors wrote.

How Much Will Shoppers Spend In-Store?

The survey asked participants how much more they plan to spend in-store. It found that shoppers plan to spend $176 more per month in-store after the vaccine is rolled out to the public.

Though there’s a flipside to the extra spending among consumers. Customers say they plan to spend an average of $171 less per month online.

What Type of Items Will Consumers Be Buying In-Store?

The types of items consumers plan to buy online and offline were also explored by the survey. Clothing is the most popular item that shoppers plan to buy in-store. 75% indicated they will purchase more clothing and accessories in-store after the mass rollout of the vaccine.

Almost 42% of participants say they will purchase less food and groceries online after the widespread deployment of the vaccine.

Nearly 63% of consumers say they expect to start shopping less online within 1 – 6 months after the vaccine being released to the public. More specifically, 35% indicate they expect to shop less online within 1 – 2 months of the vaccine rollout.

The research provides retailers with important insight into expected consumer trends. Small businesses would be wise to keep an open mind about selling online and offline. Depending on what they sell, it may be prudent that retailers work towards having an omnichannel selling presence as we move into 2021.

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