Coworking Space Gets Financing, Drone Assistants Coming?

coworking space

A space where remote workers form a community, a hovering robotic assistant that aides business owners: these topics dominated the headlines this week. And perhaps it’s only fitting as 2014 became 2015. The new year brings amazing new possibilities. Read these and other stories in this week’s Small Business Trends news roundup.


WeWork Coworking Space Raises $355 Million

A startup that leases office space to other startups is now worth an estimated $5 billion. But the long-term fate of WeWork is debatable, even after it just raised another $355 million in funding, according to a Wired report. WeWork is essentially a hub where startups have access to office and work spaces that are technologically ready to meet their needs.

Technology Trends

What Would You Do with a Personal Drone?

How would you use your very own drone? Would it benefit your small business in any way? Drones may not be much of a reality now except as a way to neutralize potentially dangerous combatants in battlefield situation overseas. But over the next decade drones may become common place and as personal as the smartphone.

Cicret Could Turn Your Skin Into a Smartphone Display

The Cicret Bracelet may turn out to be the latest evolution in a rapidly growing wearable market — if the device ever sees the light of day. And what’s most interesting about this new gadget in particular, is that you already own half of it. Cicret is a bracelet that projects a fully-functioning Android tablet on your skin. That’s right: on your skin.

25 Free WordPress Plugins for Integrating Google Features

Are you looking to enhance your website? Or do you just want to make your site more easy to find? Either way you’ll want to check out these free WordPress plugins for Google integration. Far from its search engine roots, the Goggle of today offers a wide array of tools for both businesses and individuals.


How Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Differs at Big and Small Businesses

Many people are aware that big companies are much more likely than small businesses to offer employer-sponsored health insurance to their employees.


What Caused the Declining Popularity of Daily Deals Online?

There was a time when group buying virtually snatched the popularity away from all other e-commerce models. But that day is long gone. Today, group buying is anything but sought after. The falling popularity of group buying as an e-commerce model both saddens and surprises me and I never stop wondering what actually went wrong.

30 eBay Apps To Help You Run Your Business

Have you tapped into the potential eBay apps can offer your store?  There are apps to manage everything from shipping to finances. And you can use these apps to lift some of your burden in these areas, increase sales and keep your customers happy. These apps can save you time and effort that can take away from the central focus of growing your eBay business.

Local Marketing

Why E-commerce Businesses Still Want a Physical Presence

For years, businesses have been focusing on boosting their online presence to sell and market their products and services. But now, some businesses are starting to do the opposite, looking for a physical presence to boost their brand and support online sales. Saddleback Leather and Love 41 are two such companies.

Una Pizza Limits Selection to Improve Quality

When you walk into Una Pizza in San Francisco, don’t expect to be able to choose from an unlimited selection of toppings. Anthony Mangieri has been baking pizza since childhood, and he’s attained his dream of owning his own pizza shop.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Welcyon Helps Adults Over 50 Get in Shape

For many people, the new year is a new opportunity to get in shape. Gyms are often overcrowded this time of year with people looking to maintain their resolutions. But for some, this type of environment isn’t conducive to getting the best results. Welcyon, Fitness After 50 is dedicated to creating a better environment for some fitness enthusiasts to thrive.

Social Media

How to Balance Engagement and Customer Service on Twitter

It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes flock to Twitter’s 271 million monthly active users to get closer to their customers. But while 30 percent of brands have a dedicated customer support handle, only 10 percent of brands address more than 70 percent of their mentions. That’s a lot of opportunity left on the table. Of course, some tweets might not merit a response.

7 Easy Ways To Boost Social Engagement Today

Social media doesn’t have to be the big, scary monster in the room that business owners are afraid to utilize. Just because you aren’t a big Yelp or Facebook fan in your personal life doesn’t mean that you should feel intimidated when it comes to taking advantage of these online platforms for your business.


Is Your Business Ready to Rock and Roll in the New Year?

Let’s say your business has been chugging right along for several years now. You formed an LLC or incorporated in order to establish a solid legal foundation for your company.

DoYouGreen Can Turn Old Christmas Trees Into Lingerie

If you have a Christmas tree in your home right now, you’re probably planning to put it out on your curb with the rest or your garbage in a week or two. But in the future, you might be able to give your old tree a new life as something else. French company DoYouGreen has come up with a way to turn pine trimmings into a soft fabric, perfect for garments like lingerie.

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