6 Design Tips to Create an Inspiring Office Space

6 Design Tips to Create an Inspiring Office Space

Do you love your office space? How does the space you work in make you feel?

Chances are, if you aren’t enjoying the space in which you operate your business, your employees don’t enjoy the space either. And if your employees don’t like the space in which they work, it has a direct impact on their productivity and your ability to create a successful business.

Research actually reveals it is important to invest in a strategic, beautiful office design to motivate and inspire your employees. But how do you go about designing an inspiring office space?

How to Create an Inspiring Office Space

According to Cubicle Concepts, a new and used office furniture provider in Chicago, a well-designed office — both in terms of function and aesthetics — can inspire workers and also visitors.

Cubicle Concepts offers six current office design trends and tips for creating an inspiring work space for yourself, your employees and even visitors:

1.  Add More Color

Use office colors strategically because people experience psychological changes when exposed to certain colors. So, for example, red can get employees excited about where they work, while blue and green can communicate feelings of relaxation, hopefulness and calm.

2. Create Designated Lounge Spaces

Designated lounge spaces with comfortable seating and cozy set up like a coffee shop or café allow the body and mind to rest, which improves productivity and focus at work.

3. Use Adaptable Furniture

Look for furniture that is comfortable, can be moved easily and has multiple uses. This type of furniture enables collaboration without sacrificing focus and worker well-being.

4. Allow Use of Co-working Spaces

People who use co-working spaces every day or some days of the week feel like they’re part of a community and see their work as meaningful. This boosts worker productivity and fulfillment.

5. Provide Quiet Zones for Individual Work

Sometimes we need quiet workspaces to do our best work. Offer a quiet zone, ideally with noise levels between 48 and 52 decibels (dB), to facilitate this.

6. Incorporate Plants

Add office plants to improve workspace aesthetics and air quality. Other wellness tips you can use in the office include adding health focused furniture, such as standing desks and stability ball chairs.

Check out the cool infographic below by Cubicle Concepts with more details on how to create an inspiring workplace.

6 Design Tips to Create an Inspiring Office Space

Images: Cubicle Concepts

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