6 Ways to Create A Positive Brand Perception

how to create a positive brand perception

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernhard Shaw

We hear this all the time – perception is reality. Do you agree with this and believe in it?

I do.

Our personality and professional image sets the tone and stage for how we are all perceived. With the reality of a 24/7 online media world that can change things in a real-time split second,  one small wrong move or right move can go viral and change everything.

What does your social brand say about you online? This is your calling card and visual home that people will use to determine why connecting with you is viable and has value.

Creating a positive brand image today is a combination of many factors including your visual presence, relevance, value, character and ability to serve, engage and move people.

Ultimately, it’s a blend of our IQ – Intellectual Intelligence, EQ – Emotional Intelligence and I what I like to call, your SQ – Spiritual Intelligence.  We control our perception destiny far more than we realize.

Below are 6 ways to create a positive brand perception, which we shape by how we look, what we say and what we do.

How to Create Your Positive Brand Perception

Update Your Technology and Your Website

We are getting  very “smart” from phone, TV, 3D, and online and web learning. So keeping up with the latest technologies reflects  the value you can deliver to your customers and community. There is a current look to Web technology with widgets, slide shows, social integration, linking that we all use, expect and want.

Make sure yours reflects this.

Invest In Your Professional Branding

Having your own look, logo and image across all your marketing and social platforms helps you stand out, be more unique and says “I’m serious.”

Invest in yourself and your branding.  Get a referral for a graphic designer from your network whose work you like.

Qualify Your Relationships and Connections

I wish everyone well, but qualifying the best people, communities and activities to invest my business time on is crucial.

Build relationships and connections with those who can help you grow toward your goals the most.

Increase Your Dedicated Meetings and Conversations

Dedicated in person meetings or phone calls does more to move a relationship forward than just about anything.

Making the time to get more personal and get to know people shows your interest in them and creates the opportunity for them to get to know you better, too.

Commit More Time to Purposeful Social Media Marketing

Eighty six percent of marketers say social media is important for their business. One of the biggest benefits of social media is its ability to connect and engage with people on a regular basis. Facebook is the top social media followed by YouTube, Twitter,  Google+ and LinkedIn.

Smart, strategic activity that keeps you in front of key people will grow your business relationships.

Get Out, Join and Volunteer

Attraction marketing is everything you do both in person and online that puts you out there to meet people and share your expertise and personality.

Be involved in your industry, community and niche daily. Suit up and show up and be an active participant, not a quiet bystander.

Our personality and professional image sets the tone for how we are all perceived. How we look, what we say and what we do can leave a positive, lasting first impression or ending impression. It’s up to us to be consistent, authentic and fresh  in all of our self marketing activities. Learn from these top 10 brands on social media.

Relationships are gold but they take time. Invest the time in the right people and it will boomerang back to you.

Perception is reality – and we can create them both in positive and memorable ways.

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