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Making a great first impression on customers is important for businesses that want to stand out from the competition. Customized packaging solutions can help businesses achieve this goal. Not surprisingly, therefore, in recent years demand for custom packaging for small businesses has picked up steadily.

What is Custom Packaging?

Unlike a one-size-fits-all packaging solution, custom packaging is uniquely tailored around a small business’ specific needs. The shape, size, materials, color and style of the package is modified to reflect the business and to create a special buying experience. In addition to asking what is custom packaging, you should also ask what is branding in business, because they go hand in hand in today’s eCommerce and shipping-centric business.

How important is custom packaging?

Growing competition means businesses have a harder time convincing prospects to buy from them. Custom packaging is an important tool to gain customer’s attention and elevate user experience. If done creatively, it can also help small business brands gain a sharp competitive edge.

Custom Packaging for Small Businesses: Key Benefits

With an increasing number of businesses leveraging custom packaging to boost sales, should you also consider this option? From a small business’ perspective, choosing custom retail packaging can open up several opportunities. Let’s explore more in detail.

Excellent Customer Experience

In many instances, the packaging of your product is the first glimpse customers get of your brand. With unique packaging, you can provide an excellent user experience from the get-go.

If the many unboxing videos on social media are anything to go by, customers form an opinion and a bond with a business before they have even opened their package. This makes it useful to focus on customizing packaging to boost customer experience. And don’t forget to use the best shipping tape also, as this can improve the experience.

Increased Brand Awareness with Customized Shipping Boxes

A major challenge for businesses today is to differentiate themselves. This is not easy when the market is cluttered with lookalike products. Customized shipping boxes can address this challenge by creating a truly unique impression. Customized shipping boxes can reflect the brand and help form a stronger bond with the customers.

Decreased Shipping Fees

Choosing customized packaging makes good sense from a cost standpoint as well. By selecting this option, businesses can avoid using larger boxes they don’t need. This is a smart idea especially because shipping companies charge for volume in addition to the weight of the package. So, make sure to look into the cheapest place to buy boxes to lower your overall cost.

What Customizations Can Businesses Make to their Packaging?

Businesses can go in many different directions with customized packaging. From unique box design to special sticker design, there are several customization options available today. Here are a few to consider:

  • Customized boxes: There are many ways to customize boxes. Their shape, size, color and material can all be tailored to the brand image.
  • Customized stickers: A cost-effective way to customize packaging is to invest in tailor-made stickers. The advantage of customized stickers is they are water-resistant, which can be useful when shipping products.
  • Customized rubber stamp: Another simple and inexpensive design option is to go for customized rubber stamps. The stamp can include the company logo or tagline to resonate with the customers.
  • Customized packaging tape: Adhesive tapes help secure the boxes, but they can also be customized to reflect the brand.
  • Customized bags: Customized bags can be helpful for businesses that produce sturdy products.

How do I get Custom Packaging for my Product?

Thanks to a host of business packaging solution providers, getting custom packaging for your business has become quite easy. There are many solution providers that specialize in customizing all elements of your packaging including customized stickers, bags and more. There are also some companies let you design your packaging. They, in turn, take care of producing the elements for you. Let’s check out a few of them.

21 Best Places to Order Custom Packaging: Brand the Inside and Outside of Your Product Boxes

1. Packlane

Packlane offers full customization and comes with a user-friendly 3D design tool. With Packlane, you will be able to choose from four types of custom boxes: mailer box, product box, shipping box and econoflex shipping box. Another benefit of choosing this solution provider is they ship both in the U.S. and outside.

2. UPrinting

UPrinting is another option for end-to-end customized packaging solutions. They specialize in customizing a number of packaging elements such as stickers, labels, boxes, bags and pouches. UPrinting also has 24/7 customer service to address questions and concerns.

3. Etsy

Etsy offers a range of options for custom and handmade pieces for mailers and packages. Etsy is a good place to look for cost-effective options.

4. Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule specializes in custom stickers. Here, you can find a range of stickers, labels and mailers. They offer free shipping and free online proofs all over the world.

5. Pack Help

Pack Help addresses small businesses’ needs that are looking for cost-effective custom packaging solutions. They offer low minimum order quantities, fast turnaround options and an easy-to-use online editor.

6. Paper Mart

On Paper Mart, you will find a range of custom product packaging options. These include boxes, bags, mailers and tape. A user-friendly online design studio will enable you to design your own packaging. And with same day shipping, it is easier to get the products delivered in time.

7. ShipBob

ShipBob is a 3PL provider that combines its inventory management technology with nationwide in-house fulfillment. Unlike other solution providers, ShipBob doesn’t offer custom tapes and has size limitations on boxes.

8. The Box Maker

The Box Maker provides custom packaging options including product labels and boxes to small businesses. The company has 8 locations across Oregon, Washington and Arkansas.

9. Arka

Arka offers custom printed packaging for small businesses. Some of the products on offer include boxes, stickers and tape. They have a simple process that involves choosing the products, dimensions and quantity online. Businesses can offer their artwork to Arka and receive a proof in just two days.

10. Refine Packaging

Refine Packaging offers free quotes, free design support, low minimums and excellent customer service. The company has offers live chat to help businesses get desired support instantly. For high-volume orders, Refine Packaging offers attractive discounts. The final order is delivered within 8-10 business days.

11. Packola

Custom Boxes & Packaging: Design and Order Online | Packola

Packola has a user-friendly interface that allows small businesses to design custom packaging in minutes. Its online design tool lets you create tailor-made mailer boxes, shipping boxes and product boxes. There are no minimum order quantity and the site comes with live chat support.

12. Brand in Color

Customized Shipping Boxes for Everyone – brandINcolor

Brand in Color offers mailer boxes, shipping boxes and even pizza boxes for customization. The minimum order count is 25 boxes and it offers fast shipping (3 days). The company provides examples of past work for inspiration.

Custom Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

Not all businesses may know where to begin with customized packaging. Should they go with a full package of customized solutions or should they start slow with a few elements such as custom boxes and tailored packaging supplies? Here are some tips for small business owners interested in this option:

  • Focus on being functional: The packaging solution you choose should fit your purpose. That’s why it’s important to focus on being functional. For example, does the material of the box you’ve chosen adequately protect the product inside? It’s important to find the answer before making a business decision.
  • Make it personal: The whole point of customized packaging is to help businesses add a personal touch to their branding. Think of ways to make the unboxing experience special for your customers. You can add a note or use packaging to offer discounts.
  • Include samples: A simple way to make your packaging interesting and user-friendly is to add samples. This can be an effective promotional idea to please customers.
  • Do your math: If you’re trying customized packaging for the first time, it’s important you do some calculations before deciding on one solution provider.

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