Customers Are Key in Small Business Future

Customers are the key to your small business’s future. Are you ready to tap that huge potential? It may be small businesses that can best tap into this era in which customers are again in the driver’s seat. Check out our daily roundup for more on how to do it.

Trends & Tips

Customers will be key in 2012. Of course, customers have always been important to small business. However, today the customer has gained new power thanks to social media and other tools. This could be a tremendous benefit to your business when handled correctly. Free From Broke

How to increase online trust. Small businesses increasingly must have an online presence. That presence, like your offline business, must inspire trust with your customers. Here are six tips to help you do so with your small business Website. FindMyBlogWay

New Frontiers

For new entrepreneurs opportunities abound. No matter what projections might say, there are likely to be more opportunities than ever for small business. So what does the future hold for your small business and what opportunities will you make work for you? Seth Godin’s Blog

Five tips for testing your marketing. Marketing may be one part art but it can be a science as well. There’s no need to leave your marketing strategy completely to chance. Testing your marketing is easier than ever. Here’s one approach that may work for you.


Small biz tax tips for 2012. No sooner does the new year begin, but we face another small business tax season looming ahead. Here are some tips that every small business should consider when planning for that annual reality. Entrepreneur

Changes at Google+. Up until recently the new Google social network has only allowed the us of a person’s real name, making small business branding difficult. But all that is changing with a new approach now allowing business identities and Pseudonyms. DIY Marketers


The End of Business as Usual. This review by Ivana Taylor of the new book by Brian Solis looks at how social media and much of the rest of your small business strategy will be changing soon. Small Business Trends


Cloud options multiply for small business. You don’t need to be a big business to take advantage of the tools available in the cloud. Here’s an overview of one solution that is designed to fit small business needs. Smallbiz Technology

Final Thoughts

What NOT to do in 2012. As important as those things you may want to start doing in your small business may be are the things you no longer want to do. Here are some things you may consider adding to the list. Fortune Marketing Company

PR opportunities you should consider. It may not be the first thing on your agenda in the new year, but maybe it should be. PR opportunities for your business abound. Here is a list to get you thinking about how to change your strategy. Understanding Marketing

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  1. Not only for the small business in any kind of business organization Customers are the only boss.. Management work is to keep updating the customers in order to gain profit in the business environment..So, this article was really helpful to do this..

    Sowrabh Sharma “Sab”