Taylor Backman Taylor Backman, Senior Evangelist at Zoho, is a customer advocate who helps spread the Zoho message to organizations around the world.

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  1. “By practicing scrupulous security methods, businesses can weather potential privacy and security damage.”

    That’s the deal. I guess cybercrime has become so elaborated, it takes more than just scratching the surface to be on guard.

  2. Cybersecurity plays a great role in today’s digital world. People need to avoid the mistakes which you have mentioned here and beef up the security of businesses and enterprises.

  3. It is possible to ensure full and reliable information security of an enterprise? if an integrated and systematic approach is applied

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative piece of article. Over the years, I’ve seen some fantastic approaches to risk mitigation and some not-so-fantastic approaches. What’s clear to me is that businesses that take a holistic approach and build cybersecurity into that strategy from the start, end up more successful down the line.