Spotlight: CycleBar Winston-Salem Carves out a Unique Niche in the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry can provide an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs to build community. In the case of CycleBar Winston-Salem, the owner was able to not only lead a successful business but also create a movement. Read on for the powerful story.

What the Business Does

Offers unique cycling classes.

Owner Dixon Douglas told Small Business Trends, “CycleBar is an indoor cycling studio that offers a beat-based rhythmic ride. Some call it a party on a bike, while others call it interval training – for our team, it is an opportunity to create a platform of change.”

Business Niche

Creating community.

Douglas says, “When you are in a room with people who have similar stories, a special bond is created. As that bond grows, you form a stronger community around you. Through that bond becomes empowerment, mental strength, and the opportunity to find happiness with who you are as a person.”

How the Business Got Started

After some major life changes.

Douglas explains, “Approximately seven years ago I was given a second chance at life. After finally asking for help, I started my journey working through personal mental health issues. It was during this time I quit my job to pursue a change in our lives. I really focused on what I was passionate about – family, community, and health-wellbeing, and was quickly introduced to CycleBar.”

Biggest Win

Building a great team.

Douglas adds, “With our mission to give back to the community and form strong connections with individuals inside and outside our four walls, there is no one that does it better than our team. Since opening five years ago, we have raised and donated over $60K to various philanthropic organizations here and around Winston-Salem.”

Lesson Learned

Trust your team.

Douglas says, “Along the way, the biggest learning, or risk, is not empowering your team enough to be able to make decisions without having to second guess themselves. This was hard for me at first because I didn’t know how to let go enough to allow our team professional growth and to feel comfortable making decisions that would impact the business that day, week, or month.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Keep going.

Douglas says, “If I had $100K, I would want to start working on the next $100K – the entrepreneur mindset!”

Proudest Accomplishment

Giving back to the community.

Douglas adds, “We have raised and donated over $60K to various philanthropic organizations here and around Winston-Salem.”

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Image: CycleBar Winston-Salem

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