Cynomi Launches World’s First Directory of Virtual CISO Providers to Empower SMBs


Cynomi, an AI-powered, automated vCISO platform, has officially introduced a new digital directory designed to assist smaller companies in tapping into support for digital asset protection, and improved information security compliance. provides direct access to a curated list of qualified cybersecurity agencies, capable of offering CISO-as-a-service to SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). The solution comes at an important time for business leaders.

Cybersecurity attacks have been steadily rising in today’s age of rapid digital transformation digital transformation. In the first half of 2022 alone, Check Point Security’s mid-year report revealed a 42% global increase in malicious incidents. It’s no longer just the large enterprise company that needs to invest in information security, but every business with a digital presence, across every industry.

Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized businesses still don’t have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of their own.

Providing CISO Support to SMB’s

The vCISO Directory aims to make CISO agencies more accessible to smaller businesses. While enterprises worldwide are rapidly investing in CISO expertise, many SMBs are still struggling to adapt to the security challenges of an increasingly digital world. Datto research found only 50% of SMBs have an IT staff member dedicated to managing cybersecurity requirements.

Not only are budgets for talent acquisition limited among smaller organizations, but a growing talent gap makes it difficult to access individuals with the relevant skills. There are still more than 3 million cybersecurity jobs left unfilled as of 2022 left unfilled as of 2022, and the talent gap is growing larger.

To address this problem, and support businesses in an evolving threat landscape, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) are developing vCISO services. These solutions allow businesses to access cybersecurity skills and advice when necessary, paying only for a specific amount of work – often at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house expert.

By publishing the first vCISO directory in the industry, Cynomi is making it easier for business leaders to leverage this pool of resources, without investing excessive time and money into research, hiring practices, and vetting.

A Comprehensive Collection of Service Providers

At launch, the directory will feature over 200 listings of US-based service providers. Each listing includes insights into the specific services on offer, specialist knowledge of technology platforms, and other useful information. Cynomi will continue to update and expand this directory over time, and plans on incorporating global providers in the future.

According to David Primor, co-founder and CEO of Cynomi, “Thousands of SMBs need the assistance and support of a traditional CISO, delivered on a budget-friendly, part-time basis. This is where the vCISO directory comes in. It will help companies to find all of the available service providers relevant to their needs in one place, and help each leader make an informed choice about who to work with.”

The directory capitalizes on the growing demand for service-based CISO offerings. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, and companies deal with higher volumes of data every day, demand for CISO expertise is greater than ever. An as-a-service solution provided by a vCISO service provider finally gives SMBs an affordable way to access the talent they need.

The directory is available and open to SMBs today, and will continue to be updated in the months to come. MSPs and MSSPs offering vCISO services not yet listed on the platform will be able to apply for a listing by submitting their details via the directory’s website form.

Image: cynomi

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