The Importance of Data in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The Importance of Data in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Your influencer marketing campaigns could really miss the mark if you don’t look at the right data.

Small Business Trends recently ran into Atul Singh, founder and CEO of The Shelf at Influencer Marketing Days in New York City’s Times Square. The Shelf is a marketing agency that offers services and technology to brands looking to build campaigns around influencers.

At the event, Singh discussed the importance of data and the ability to create campaigns that get actual results in influencer marketing campaigns, pointing to The Shelf’s ability to deliver two to three times the ROI that brands have seen in past campaigns.

Data in Influencer Marketing

In order to get those great results, data collection is essential. Everything from the platform you choose to the influencer’s preferences to the time of day a post goes live can make a major difference.

Singh says, “To us, data means a variety of things. For example, impressions, engagement — we look at the shopping history of the influencer to know if they like an expensive brand or a drugstore brand. So we can connect all those dots for you. We can see for your brand whether Instagram will do great or if Pinterest will do great or if Facebook will do great. We can also see what kind of posts have done great in the past or what time of the day should the post go live to get the best engagement.”

All of those different types of data are important to the influencer marketing process, because if you look at just one factor to determine the viability or success of a campaign, you could miss the whole point.

Singh explains, “A lot of companies will say, ‘We’ll give you 10 million impressions or 20 million impressions.’ Impressions don’t mean anything if they’re not getting to the right audience, and if that audience doesn’t engage with them.”

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