How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with a Food Delivery Service

Food Delivery Service

Many states now have restrictions in place for restaurants operating during the coronavirus pandemic. To limit the spread of the virus and support social distancing, many restaurants and bars have had to either close or limit their operations to carryout and delivery service.

If your restaurant hasn’t previously offered delivery options, this situation may force you to get that part of your business up and running quickly. To do so, you need to either hire your own delivery drivers and run it in-house, or work with an existing food delivery service.

Delivery Service for Restaurants

There are currently four major food delivery services that operate in many major markets around the country: GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash. Here’s a guide to help you get up and running with each of these services.

How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with Grubhub

Grubhub says that restaurants can get their new delivery service up and running in just one day. To get started, simply fill out the form on the company’s website and a company rep will reach out to help you through the sign up process.

There’s no upfront cost, but you will need to sign a contract and set up direct deposit since orders are processed through Grubhub’s platform. You also need to share your menu with them. So if you plan on offering a limited takeout or delivery menu, update it prior to sending details to your Grubhub rep.

You also need to set up the Grubhub app so you can start receiving orders. Or you can integrate it with your point of sale system if you use one of Grubhub’s partners, which include Breadcrumb, Toast, and MICROS. Grubhub also recommends placing an order once you get set up to test the system and make sure you receive orders quickly.

Once you have the app on your computer, mobile device, or POS system, you can start receiving orders and a Grubhub delivery person will come pick them up. You can also choose to have your own team members make deliveries for you. In addition to your restaurant appearing as an option for customers on the Grubhub app, you may also want to add a link on your website so people who specifically want to order from you can easily do so through Grubhub.

How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with UberEats

With UberEats, you can get your restaurant’s delivery service up and running in just a few days, depending on how many locations and menu items you have. To get started, fill out an interest form on the company’s website, including basic restaurant details, type of cuisine, and expected order volume.

From there, a rep will get in touch to determine if you’re a good fit for the platform and discuss your options.

UberEats offers support services to its restaurant partners, such as professional photography and a fully featured technology platform on a tablet provided by the company. As such, there are fees to get started and as you use the service.

Once you get signed up and receive your tablet, you use that to receive and manage orders.

UberEats drivers come and pick up food once you fulfill each one.

If you already have team members available to perform this task, get in touch with your UberEats rep to note that on your account.

How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with PostMates

To offer delivery on Postmates, start by signing up for an account online, including just the basic details about your restaurant.

The company says a rep will then be in touch with you within 72 hours. From there, you can sign an agreement and begin the onboarding process.

You need to set up your restaurant dashboard, including your menu and payment information.

And then Postmates will get your listing up within a few days, sending you an email when it’s official.

They also send you a Postmates tablet that includes the tech system you need to receive and manage delivery orders. The company says this should arrive within about 15 days.

You can also sign up for the Postmates app with your own mobile device or integrate it with your POS system.

There are no upfront costs to get started. The company just takes a commission from every sale you make on the platform.

How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with DoorDash

Just sign up with DoorDash. This requires filling out an online form. It provides details about your restaurant. Once DoorDash approves your application, you receive a text. It directs you to activate your new account.

This leads you to the DoorDash merchant platform. Then add all the details about your restaurant.

The platform walks you through a list of steps. Basically, you need to confirm your menu, pricing, business hours and payment information.

Avoid doing the process yourself. Call the company number. Get an activation agent to complete it for you.

Finalize your details. Simply activate your store within the dashboard.

Use the merchant platform to receive and manage orders. Access it on your own device. Or request a DoorDash tablet.

Update your menu, hours or pause orders at any time. Do this when you find yourself unable to keep up with order volume.

Overall, DoorDash says most restaurants seem able to get through the signup process in just 3-5 days.


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