8 Best Digital Asset Management Software for Small Businesses

The 7 Best Digital Asset Management Software Products for Small Businesses

Digital asset management software for small businesses is a crucial tool in organizing, storing, and retrieving rich media assets like podcasts, videos, and photos. In today’s digital-centric business environment, these solutions streamline the management of multimedia content and digital rights, making them indispensable.

Such software not only catalogues and maintains an organized repository of digital content but also enhances accessibility and security, crucial for effective brand representation and communication.

By helping businesses store and organize digital assets more proficiently, digital asset management software can significantly improve collaboration within teams. It boosts productivity by reducing the time spent searching for assets and ensures consistency in branding and messaging across all digital platforms.

Moreover, such software can lead to considerable cost savings by eliminating the need for physical storage and reducing the risks associated with asset mismanagement.

Any type of business that creates and stores digital assets could benefit from digital asset management software. This includes small businesses in various industries, from creative agencies and marketing departments to retail and e-commerce platforms.

With the vast array of digital asset management software solutions available in the market, the question arises: which is the best for helping small businesses keep on top of their digital assets most adeptly and cost-effectively?

The answer depends on the specific needs and scale of the business. For small businesses, the ideal DAM software would be one that is user-friendly, scalable, and offers essential features like cloud storage, easy categorization, robust search functionality, and effective management of digital rights and permissions.

Some platforms also offer integrations with other business tools, enhancing workflow efficiency. Cost-effectiveness is another crucial factor, as small businesses need solutions that offer good value for money without compromising on essential features.

The best DAM software for small businesses is one that aligns with their unique needs, offering a balance of functionality, ease of use, and affordability.

digital asset management software small business

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Digital Asset Management Software for Small Businesses

Selecting the right digital asset management (DAM) software is crucial for small businesses to efficiently organize, access, and share digital assets like images, videos, and documents.

Our methodology for choosing the best DAM software for small businesses uses a scale from 1 to 10, where each criterion’s score reflects its significance in optimizing asset management and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Higher scores are given to features that are particularly crucial for small businesses, such as affordability, ease of use, and robust file management capabilities.

Ease of Use and User Interface (10/10)

An intuitive interface and ease of use are given the highest priority, as they ensure quick adoption and minimal learning curve for small business teams.

Cost-Effectiveness and Pricing Transparency (9/10)

Affordable pricing structures, including free or low-cost tiers suitable for small business budgets, are highly valued.

File Organization and Search Capabilities (9/10)

Efficient file organization features and advanced search capabilities are critical for quick retrieval and management of assets.

Integration with Other Tools (8/10)

The ability to integrate with other business software, such as content management systems and marketing tools, is important for streamlined workflows.

Scalability (8/10)

Software that can grow with the business, offering more storage or advanced features as needed, is essential for long-term viability.

Security and Data Protection (7/10)

Robust security measures to protect valuable digital assets from unauthorized access or data breaches are crucial.

Collaboration and Sharing Features (7/10)

Tools that facilitate easy sharing and collaboration on digital assets among team members and external stakeholders are important for operational efficiency.

Performance and Reliability (7/10)

Consistent performance and reliability, with minimal downtime, are key to ensuring uninterrupted access to digital assets.

Customer Support and Training Resources (6/10)

Accessible customer support and comprehensive training resources are beneficial for troubleshooting and maximizing the use of the software.

Asset Tagging and Metadata Management (6/10)

Features that enable tagging of assets and management of metadata enhance the organization and discoverability of digital content.

Customization and Branding Options (5/10)

The ability to customize the software to align with the business’s branding and specific needs, while not critical, is a useful feature for some businesses.

Our methodology is aimed at identifying digital asset management software that not only fits within a small business’s budget but also offers a comprehensive set of features to effectively manage and utilize digital assets.

By focusing on user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and robust file management capabilities, we aim to highlight software solutions that are particularly well-suited to the needs and constraints of small businesses.

digital asset management software small business

Digital Asset Management Software

Take a look at the following seven best digital asset management software solutions for small businesses.


Being one of the fastest and simplest cloud-based digital management platforms, PhotoShelter is a great choice for small businesses looking to store, organize and share visual media assets with greater ease and efficiency.

This simple-to-use visual asset management software will give your team greater control and flexibility, so anyone can upload, organize and share important creative assets. You can try a demo of the Libris platform for free.

  • Cloud-based platform.
  • User-friendly interface for managing visual media assets.
  • Flexible control and sharing options.

Air Table

AirTable is an effective piece of software for businesses wanting to fine-tune their digital asset management, including editorial calendars for marketing purposes, project management files, inventory management plans, and other files. With AirTable’s easy-to-use marketing asset management template, you can centralize all your marketing assets into a single messaging and asset management template.

AirTable helps small business teams access their digital assets quickly and efficiently, meaning time isn’t wasted locating important digital files and assets. AirTable has a free package with basic features. Its Pro package has additional features and costs $20 per month.

  • Offers customizable templates.
  • Ideal for various digital assets including marketing and project management.
  • User-friendly with centralized asset management.


For small businesses with larger budgets to spend on powerful digital asset management software, Wiredrive could be one of the most effective platforms. With just one collaboration tool, Wiredrive helps your business manage all its digital assets and share and collaborate more efficiently.

With Wiredrive’s robust search and filtering, you can find exactly what you are looking for, helping boost productivity. Using Wiredrive, you can also build and share custom, branded presentations with ease. Wiredrive’s platform starts at $249 a month.

  • Single collaboration tool for comprehensive digital asset management.
  • Features robust search and filtering capabilities.
  • Allows building and sharing of custom, branded presentations.

digital asset management software small business


Canto is a digital asset management system designed to help businesses manage their brand assets more competently. With Canto you can tag, search, collaborate and report on your digital asset usage across your business.

The Canto system also helps keep your brand consistent with a central storage location for logos, videos, images, designs and other brand assets. You will need to contact Canto for a pricing quote based on your business’s specific digital asset management  requirements.

  • Centralized system for managing brand assets.
  • Facilitates tagging, searching, and collaboration on digital assets.
  • Ensures brand consistency with centralized storage.


If you’re looking to protect and organize your digital files and assets library in an accessible location so that different team members can access assets with ease, BrandMaker is an effective and easy-to-use digital asset management solution for small businesses. You can create and manage all your digital assets and product information in one convenient, centralized location. You and your team can find and share content at any time and in any format with the BrandMaker platform.

BrandMaker’s digital asset management solutions are integrated with other marketing and sales functions, to help your business have complete brand control. Get in touch with BrandMaker to find out about pricing for its digital asset management solutions.

  • Organizes and protects digital files in an accessible location.
  • Integrates with other marketing and sales functions for complete brand control.
  • Convenient for managing and sharing digital content.


If you are looking to save time, money and get your content and other digital assets faster, then MerlinOne is an effective digital asset management solution for small businesses. The MerlinOne digital asset management helps businesses centralize digital content, making it easier to find digital assets and share them quickly and efficiently.

It’s easy to edit files with MerlinOne’s digital asset management and its AI system automatically breaks down images piece by piece, helping you locate the right content faster and with fewer errors. Like with other digital asset management systems, you need to contact MerlinOne for information about pricing.

  • Centralizes digital content for ease of access.
  • Features AI-powered image analysis for efficient content management.
  • Streamlines editing and sharing of digital assets.

digital asset management software small business


If you struggle to find an important digital asset when you need it, the Brightspot digital asset management platform will give you a helping hand. Brightspot provides high-speed, low-stress digital asset management solutions for media and brand publishers.

With Brightspot’s contextual search-powered platform, you can upload, find and edit your digital assets with ease and manage multi-media assets more proficiently, saving you and your team time, money and stress.

You can request a free demonstration to try out the Brightspot digital asset management platform.

  • Offers a high-speed, stress-free digital asset management experience.
  • Contextual search-powered platform for easy file handling.
  • Efficient management of multi-media assets.


SeePlus — a professional asset management tool by ACD Systems — helps you take back control over your digital workflow by keeping track of your Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and a variety of media files. This platform allows you to manage your entire file collection from a centralized interface.

The platform allows you to create a streamlined system where you can use hierarchical keywords, ratings, dates and categories to designate your files’ place in your workflow.

  • Manages a wide range of file types including Office documents and media files.
  • Centralized interface for total file collection management.
  • Streamlines workflow with hierarchical organization and categorization.

digital asset management software small business

Comparison of Digital Asset Management Software for Small Businesses

To help you choose the right digital asset management software for your small business, here’s a comparison table highlighting key features and pricing of popular solutions.

SoftwareKey FeaturesPricing
PhotoShelterCloud-based, easy to use, suitable for visual mediaContact for demo, pricing varies
AirTableCustomizable templates, ideal for marketing assets, project managementFree basic features; Pro package $20/month
WiredriveRobust search and filtering, branded presentationsStarts at $249/month
CantoCentral storage for brand assets, tag and search functionalityContact for pricing
BrandMakerCentralized digital asset management, integrated with marketing functionsContact for pricing
MerlinOneAI-powered search, centralized content managementContact for pricing
BrightspotContextual search-powered platform, efficient media managementRequest a free demo, pricing varies
SeePlusManages a variety of file types, hierarchical organizationPricing information available on request



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