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Digital DollarI recently reviewed Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s book The Impact Equation and if you’ve read that book and signed up for making an impact with your online marketing, then the next book you need to read is The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success by Joe Wozny (@JoeWozny).

Where 80% of The Impact Equation put you in the space of understanding what you needed to do with your online communication and 20% was how to do it, Digital Dollar is 80% specific actionable strategies and tactics on how to manage your digital communications.

Who Is Joe Wozny?

Joe Wozny is a digital and online media strategist, author and blogger.  He is the CEO of Cencentric, a company that helps businesses manage and leverage their online media.  In other words, Wozny is in the thick of things when it comes to pulling your company’s plethora of online communication channels together and focusing them on what matters most.

Digital Dollar Is For Doers

Have you seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross where a young and brash Alec Baldwin says:

“Put that coffee down….Coffee’s for closers?”

Digital Dollar is like that.  You can read all the feel good strategy you want.  You can read about social media and internet marketing, but Digital Dollar is about actually DOING what it takes to get the job done.  There is very little philosophizing and waxing nostalgic about feelings here.  This book is about doing, baby.  And if you’re not ready to DO digital, you’re not ready to read Digital Dollar.

I’m not usually this brash and up-front in my reviews.  After all, who am I to tell you how to read a book and what to get out of it?   But reading through Digital Dollar felt like having someone who knows, gets and understands social media channels walk up to me, grab me by the collar and tell me what it takes to get the job done.  And believe me – it’s not fluffy and feel good.  It’s practical, down-in-the-trenches-this-is-how-the-Internet-works kind of stuff.

All Your Digital Marketing Questions Answered

I get asked a lot of questions about digital marketing so it’s a good thing I’ve got myself a review copy of Digital Dollar because now I can answer basic questions like what kind of domain name to get as well as more complex questions such as  how to create a powerful content plan.

Digital Dollar has it all covered in about 200 pages with lots and lots of charts, tables and specific how-to action items that will keep you on track to achieve your digital marketing goals.

And practical tips?!  There are so many of them I can’t even begin to cover them here.  But I will just give you a few from the pages I’ve dog-eared on my copy:

  • Why create a full web site, when a micro-site will do?  A microsite is exactly what the name says – a small site with just a page or two.  It has a very descriptive domain name such as www.easyfreemarketing,com for example.
  • Create a content plan to keep yourself and your staff on track.  (LOVE this one!) Wozny also includes a picture of a sample content plan in an Excel sheet.  Your content plan should include marketing and promotional information and shared with key personnel.  This is one of my favorite tips because it allows you to integrate all your social media channels in one place.
  • Run a solid and ethical link strategy.  Prospect for links before executing a link strategy.  Always ask for and provide an appropriate links to any relevant party who has an interest in your organization.  Be clear on which pages and links are the most important to your business.

I could go on and on and believe me, each page of Digital Dollar is loaded with insider tips and strategies that you would pay thousands for to a consultant.

But more importantly, the value of this book lies in some great advice I got from Anita Campbell years ago; you don’t have to be the one to DO IT ALL, but you DO need to know what is going on with your site.  Every business owner needs to have a basic understanding of what certain internet strategies entail so that they can make good decisions.

This is exactly what Joe Wozny delivers in Digital Dollar.

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