Spotlight: My Social Agency Focuses on Adapting Quickly to Client Needs

Spotlight: My Social Agency Offers an Agile Approach to Digital Marketing Services

In the constantly evolving digital marketing field, businesses must to be agile when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies today tend to stick with traditional and inflexible methods.

My Social Agency is different. The company was built around the idea of moving and adapting quickly to client needs and changing digital marketing trends. You can read more about the company and what makes it different from others in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a number of digital marketing services to business clients.

Marketing Manager Alex Humphries told Small Business Trends, “[We offer] Full-service digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and Web Development.”

Business Niche

Bringing an agile approach to campaigns.

Humphries explains, “We have developed a unique agile method of working and delivering digital marketing projects, which means we’re considerably different in our approach to client campaigns.”

Spotlight: My Social Agency Offers an Agile Approach to Digital Marketing Services

How the Business Got Started

To help businesses while traveling the world.

Humphries says, “My Social Agency was founded in 2012 by Mark Mitchell. At the time, Mark was working in a newspaper group, and he spotted the shift from traditional to digital marketing methods. This in turn led to a career change and Mark worked in multiple local marketing agencies refining his skills in digital marketing and working his way up to Digital Marketing Director level. After a short time, Mark set up MSA as a way in which to support his love of travel. He had the knowledge and talent to offer digital marketing services from anywhere in the world. However, this wasn’t sustainable over a long period of time, especially not as he wanted to bring up a family, and Mark moved back to the UK and set up My Social Agency.”

Biggest Win

Retaining clients for multiple campaigns.

Humphries says, “We view each new client and each successful campaign as a ‘win’. Of course, different contracts are worth different amounts of money to the business, and we have worked with a number of high-profile clients including Samsung, Robert Half and Hunters Property Group, which is great. However, we care more about how we service those contracts and the results we deliver which determine how much it is really worth. A retained client, for example Hunters and Robert Half, who we have held for 5 and 3 years respectively, is worth a lot, as their retention demonstrates that we perform consistently well.”

Lesson Learned

Take hiring seriously.

Humphries explains, “I know Mark, our MD, would say that he wishes someone had taught him how to recruit the right staff! When My Social Agency first started out he found it really difficult to recruit the right staff to the business to ensure growth and continued success. At the start, he hired a few people who weren’t right for the business at that time. He would recognise that he’s a lot better at it now as he’s developed a strategy on which traits to look for in a person at interview stage and the types of questions which should be asked. This is why we don’t use recruitment agencies.”

Spotlight: My Social Agency Offers an Agile Approach to Digital Marketing Services

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing and rewarding the team.

Humphries says, “Our staff are very important to us. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to service our clients to the high standards which we are known for. So, we would undoubtedly invest in our staff, reward them, and hire additional staff of the same high standard as we currently have. It is likely we would also invest in the business to find ways of making certain elements more efficient than they currently are.”

What Sets Them Apart

Promoting team well-being.

Humphries says, “At My Social Agency, we promote a relaxed culture as the well-being of our staff as well is incredibly important. Our staff get a free monthly massage and we actively encourage people to step away from their desks during the day, and sometimes we even meditate together. We also have a monthly team event, where we are allocated a budget and can spend it on whatever we want! That could be anything from going out to a restaurant, getting a Deliveroo lunch, going karting or even buying a games console for the office!”

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