More than 2 in 5 Americans Prefer DIY Service Calls, Even After Pandemic

2 in 5 Americans Prefer DIY Service Calls

Customers remain uncomfortable about letting technical support technicians into their home. Consequently, they would prefer to use more DIY options for the likes of tech repair and setting up equipment.

This was the finding of research carried out by TechSee, an AI-driven visual tech assistance company. The study analyzed customer interaction with in-home technicians during the pandemic. The ‘Customer Expectations of Service Delivery During Covid-19 Pandemic’ report is based on the responses of 921 adults in the US.

65% of US consumers have required technician assistance during the pandemic. The same number say they would rather avoid technician visits because of safety concerns, unless absolutely necessary.

44% of US respondents say they would prefer to resolve more tech issues themselves than before the pandemic due to worries about safety. 42% of consumers would rather have remote support to avoid technician visits, even when the health crisis is over.

The research provides important insight for businesses that provide technical assistance, such as installing routers and TV set-top boxes or repairing home appliances or HVAC systems.

DIY Service Calls on the Rise

With concerns about health and safety still proficient amongst consumers, technicians need to be vigilant in preserving health and safety protocol when visiting homes and promoting their services.

By giving customers assurance they will adhere to safety measures, such as wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing, consumers will have greater peace of mind. This could result in technicians being offered more projects to work on and less loss of business. Technicians may also want to proactively offer fixing equipment in outdoor areas instead of indoors.

As one consumer was quoted saying in the report:

“I would allow a technician to fix something in the outdoor area of my house, but not indoors.”

Rising Demand for Remote Guidance

Consumers are much more willing to act as technicians now than before the pandemic, with 45% claiming they prefer to fix things themselves. Just over half the respondents say they are more willing to carry out tasks with remote guidance.

This finding also provides opportunity for small businesses and individuals working as home technical support. Offering remote support online through YouTube or other remote methods could be a lucrative way for businesses in the tech support industry to garner customer loyalty and support.

Consumers Expect Technicians to Meet their Safety Concerns

If a technician visit is unavoidable, consumers expect the company to meet their safety expectations, the report found. 60% said they expect the technician’s visit to be as short as possible.

The main takeaways of TechSee’s report that businesses that provide technical support should not falter on meeting customer expectations for health and safety. They should remain up-to-date in what consumers expect in relation to health and safety protocol. When possible, offering remote support would also be a smart move in helping maintain customer loyalty and support.


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