This Week in Small Business, Are Facebook Video Ads Reaching their Target Audience?

Are Facebook’s video ads really hitting their intended audience?

If you’re using video ads on Facebook, are you getting results? Honestly, I was surprised to see the results of a recent survey showing 71% of Facebook users believe the ads they see are relevant.

That’s why I had John “Colderice” Lawson join me for this latest edition of This Week in Small Business, the show where I dissect my 3 favorite articles to appear on Small Business Trends this week.

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Do Facebook Video Ads Work?

Back to our discussion on this week’s show … John believes these numbers, despite my skepticism.

“They have to. The only way I’m going to pay to advertise my video is if I’m getting results,” he says. “Getting results requires them to have the algorithm constantly updating to find the most relevant people who are going to take action on your video. From an advertiser perspective, I get it.”

He convinced me and I actually believe that the relevance of these videos that every user sees will only increase the more people interact with the site.

John adds, “Your audience is Facebook’s audience. And your video’s audience needs to be the Facebook bot.”

That’s right, the Facebook bot. He added that the Facebook bot has its audience “really dialed in.”

Be sure to check out our whole discussion on that topic. In the rest of the show, we also talk about the use of virtual assistants and small businesses and how much content that marketing teams are creating that’s NOT being used by sales teams. That number is staggering.

That’s all in this week’s episode of This Week in Small Business.

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And for the rest of the week that was in small business, check out the Small Business Trends news roundup below.


58%  of Small Business Owners Say Business is Good, Up 39% from Last Year, Survey Says

The confidence among small business owners is at record highs, and the results from the quarterly CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey has revealed as much.

Local Marketing

TribeFluence Wants to Connect Small Businesses with Influencer Marketers

TribeFluence has an influencer marketing solution which connects brands with macro and micro- influencers. The company has signed a new deal with Click & Clear Communications, making it the first authorized TribeFluence Marketing platform provider in the US.

Management Provides Employee Feedback to Improve Small Business Productivity is an employee survey platform with an improvement process designed for small and medium sized businesses. Employee Survey Platform The platform shows companies what they can do to improve their organization by showing them what is working and where their blind spots are.

BambooHR Launches Tool to Track Employee Morale

Using employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), BambooHR is going to offer the tools which were originally designed to measure customer and client satisfaction and apply them internally within your small business. Business owners will have actionable data about the satisfaction of their employees.

Small Business Loans

Big Banks Bullish on Lending to Small Businesses, Biz2Credit Reports

Another month brings another record high small business loan approval rate by big banks. Biz2Credit Lending Index July 2018 The July Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index reports this was a strong month for small business lending approvals.

Small Business Operations

The Most Trusted B2B Brands in 2018 are Also the Most Profitable, Report Says

Getting the trust of your customers is one way to ensure the longevity of your business. This is true whether your company is a B2B or B2C enterprise. The 2018 B2B Trusted Brands Report (PDF) from Sagefrog points out why trust is so important in B2B, and why you will probably recognize all if not most of the brands on its list.

HubSpot  Conversations Gives Small Businesses Unlimited Chats and Chatbot Capabilities

HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) has announced the launch of Conversations, a new collaboration tool that’s part of the inbound marketing and sales platform’s CRM. Hubspot Conversations This easy-to-use feature provides business users with unlimited chats and chatbot functionality, allowing teams to manage chat and email conversations from one convenient place.

Social Media

Facebook Asks Banks for Financial Data, But Small Business Experts Are Concerned

Facebook wants some U.S. banks to hand over customer financial information. They’ve asked big banks to supply balances from checking accounts and credit card transaction details when they join Messenger.

Facebook Implements New Authorization Protocol for Business Pages

In its bid to ensure the people on Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) are who they say they are, the social media giant has added yet another verification tool. From now on, people who manage a Page with a large US audience will have to complete an authorization process if they want to continue posting in their account.

Facebook Says Updates Allow Customers to Interact with More Small Businesses

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has announced a series of updates designed to make it much easier for users to connect with local small businesses. The social media giant said it has more than 1.6 billion people around the world who are connected to a small business on Facebook.

Technology Trends

Sprint MultiLine Allows Separation of Business and Personal Calls on the Same Phone

You want two separate numbers for business and personal communication, but do you get a separate phone or a second line? Sprint MultiLine wants you to opt for the latter because it solves a number of issues and it is much cheaper.

ThinkPad P1 Mobile Workstation Could Suit Small Business Power Users

Lenovo says the ThinkPad P1 is its thinnest and lightest mobile workstation it has made to date. And at only 0.7 inches or 18.4mm thick, Lenovo has managed to include some impressive specs in such a small form factor. In addition to the P1, Lenovo is also announcing a bigger P72.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Could Make Things Easier for the Busy Entrepreneur

At first glance, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch looks like a traditional timepiece, but it is far from that. The company has announced three versions of the new line of watches with Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold faces.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Brings Functionality – and High Cost – to Business Power Users

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the utilitarian workhorse for smartphone power users, and each time a new version is announced this group eagerly awaits the release. Well, the Galaxy Note 9 is out and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to specs, design and functionality.


Brent Leary Brent Leary is the host of the Small Business Trends One-on-One interview series and co-founder of CRM Essentials LLC, an Atlanta-based CRM advisory firm covering tools and strategies for improving business relationships. Brent is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award-winning blogger.

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