Dwolla Releases Push-to-Debit Feature to Quickly Issue Reimbursement


Do you want to pay gig workers or vendors in a quick, hasslefree manner? Do you want to delight your customers by issuing prompt refunds? If yes, then Dwolla has good news for you.

The company has recently launched a push-to-debit facility to help businesses quickly send money to any debit card holder’s account. What’s more, the facility enables the receiver to instantly access the money.

How Dwolla Push-to-Debit Works

You need to have only the debit card details of the receiver to send him/her money. So there is no need to enter tedious bank account details.

With the Dwolla’s push-to-debit feature, you can push funds to a receiver’s debit card in near-realtime. So the receiver can access money even on weekends, holidays, and outside regular business hours.

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What’s more, it is quite simple to start using Dwolla’s push-to-debit feature.

You can initiate sending a payment in three steps: create a customer, add a funding source, and initiate the payment.

Dwolla’s push-to-debit feature offers the following advantages to businesses:

  • Simplified pricing (one flat fee)
  • Transaction activity monitoring
  • Easy integration
  • Card Tokenization

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Push-to-Debit

Needless to say, adding account details can be a tedious task, and paying through checks delay the receiver’s access to the money.

As a small business owner, you must be making payments to vendors, issuing refunds, and reimbursing freelance workers.

The push-to-debit feature enables businesses to send money in near-realtime, thus delighting the vendors, customers, and gig workers. As a result, your business can have a competitive advantage.

Dwolla CEO Brady Harris said in a prepared statement, “Business payments need to be versatile and easily accessible, which is why Dwolla’s goal is to provide customers with as many options as possible to get funds to their end-users,”

“Because handling debit card transactions is an incredibly intricate process, our Push-to-Debit offering is one-of-a-kind. We took on the challenge of abstracting the card gateways so businesses don’t have to,” he added.

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a leading FinTech company, offering payment solutions to innovative businesses. Click here to know more about Dwolla’s push-to-debit solution.

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