20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions

If your business doesn’t sell candy, sweets or gift baskets, you might think that you can’t have a successful Easter promotion. But that’s not the case.

Plenty of businesses that aren’t traditionally associated with Easter have had successful promotions to celebrate the holiday. Here are 20 examples to provide some inspiration for your small business.

Non-Traditional Easter Promotions

Beef Jerky Outlet Beefster Basket

When you think of Easter baskets, you probably picture candy and other sweets. But for a more savory spin on the holiday, the Beef Jerky Outlet offers a Beefster Basket. This basket is a perfect treat for those who favor the savory over the sweet. Filled with a variety of jerky flavors, it’s an ideal gift for the meat lover in your life.

Cigar City Brewing Eggs & Kegs

For those looking for a more grown up atmosphere for Easter dinner, Cigar City Brewing in Tampa hosts an “Eggs & Kegs” event with tons of “hoppy” goodness. This event pairs craft beers with innovative Easter-themed dishes, creating a memorable experience. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate fine brews and festive foods.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Cigar City Brewing Eggs & Kegs

Newegg Hunt for Deals

Computer parts retailer Newegg isn’t particularly known for selling goods related to Easter. But the company does have “egg” in its name, allowing for the company to create unique promotions around Easter. The website has simply displayed promotions like “egg hunt for the best deals” on its homepage to get shoppers in a festive spirit. This promotion cleverly utilizes the Easter theme to offer exciting discounts on tech products. It’s a smart way to engage customers looking for the latest gadgets at great prices.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt from FreeflyVR

For a virtual reality business, Easter provides a unique opportunity for some online customer interaction. FreeflyVR, for example, is having a virtual Easter Egg Hunt where customers can find brightly colored eggs around the company’s website for the chance to win prizes and special offers. This interactive game blends technology and tradition, offering a modern twist to Easter egg hunts. It’s a fun way to engage customers and introduce them to the world of virtual reality.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Virtual Easter Egg Hunt from FreeflyVR

Happier Easter Deals from Insight Vacations

For those who don’t want to stick around home during Easter, travel can be an enticing option. Insight Vacations offers some deals for those who want to enjoy a non-traditional holiday in Europe with its Happier Easter promotion. These travel deals are perfect for those seeking adventure during the Easter holidays. Offering a chance to explore European destinations, it’s a great way to create unforgettable Easter memories.

Four Points Spa Promotions

Easter can also be a stressful experience for those who have to organize huge family gatherings or other events. So spas like the one at Four Points by Sheraton in Lagos can take advantage by offering relaxing specials for the holiday. These specials are a welcome oasis for those needing a break from Easter preparations. They offer a peaceful retreat for rejuvenation and relaxation during the busy holiday.

Salon Island Escapes Easter Egg-Stravaganza

For those looking to get a new ‘do before the holiday, hair salons or barber shops like Salon Island Escapes in Clearwater, Fla. can hold fun promotions like offering customers the option to choose an egg out of an Easter basket and potentially win a prize. This promotion adds a playful element to the salon experience, making hair styling more fun. It’s a clever way to engage your clients and offer them a chance at winning exciting prizes.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Salon Island Escapes Easter Egg-Stravaganza

Chanz Casino Easter Egg Hunt

Chanz Casino is an online social casino. The company is currently holding an online Easter egg hunt where players can find hidden eggs on the site to win prizes. This virtual egg hunt combines the thrill of gaming with festive fun, offering a unique online experience. It’s an engaging way for players to enjoy the Easter season while potentially winning big.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Chanz Casino Easter Egg Hunt

Egg-celent Discounts from WebHostFace

Even if your promotion isn’t specifically related to Easter, you can give it a festive name. WebHostFace is a web hosting provider that’s offered holiday themed promotions by giving them names like “Egg-celent Discounts” and “Eggs-clusive Sale.” These themed promotions cleverly tie in the Easter spirit with essential web hosting services. It’s an attractive way for businesses and individuals to save on their online presence needs.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Egg-celent Discounts from WebHostFace

The Elizabethan Gardens Easter Eggstravaganza

Hospitality businesses and organizations like The Elizabethan Gardens in North Carolina can celebrate Easter by hosting fun events for kids like egg hunts, egg spoon races and more. It can serve as its own offering as well as a way to get more people to visit venues to potentially return or book for their own events in the future. This event offers a delightful mix of traditional Easter activities in a historic setting. It’s perfect for families looking to enjoy a festive day out while learning about history and nature.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - The Elizabethan Gardens Easter Eggstravaganza

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Spring Egg Party

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum doesn’t limit its Easter celebrations to the conventional. With a focus on family-friendly engagement, the Spring Egg Party emerges as a delightful event to attract more visitors. Beyond the ordinary egg hunts, the museum presents a range of unique activities, including egg basket making and decorating. The event’s creative twist also extends to imparting history lessons, offering both entertainment and education. By combining fun and learning, the museum not only draws families in but also reinforces its role as a community hub for innovative experiences during the Easter season.

Olde Stonewall Golf Club Easter Promotion

Easter enthusiasts seeking an alternative to traditional activities find a unique retreat at Olde Stonewall Golf Club . By offering specials and free gifts to golfers who play a round or make reservations on the holiday, the club transforms Easter into an opportunity for leisurely outdoor recreation. This innovative promotion not only aligns with the holiday spirit but also caters to a different demographic, appealing to those who enjoy spending their holidays in an active and refreshing manner.

Count the Eggs Contest from Speller International

B2B businesses often feel left out of the holiday promotions game. But a simple contest like this count the candy eggs online contest from Speller International can encourage online engagement and allow you to give away some cool prizes. This simple yet engaging contest is a smart way to boost online interaction and brand visibility. It’s an effective tool for B2B companies to connect with their audience in a fun, festive manner.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Count the Eggs Contest from Speller International

Merchant’s Fine Wine Easter Wine Sale

Easter isn’t exactly known for being a big wine holiday. But that doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate a good wine sale to stock their supply for visitors. Merchant’s Fine Wine is one business that offers this type of sale for the holiday. This vino sale is an excellent opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore new varieties and stock up for Easter gatherings. It’s a smart way to attract customers looking for quality wines at attractive prices.

Gouden Carolus Easter Ale

Some beverage makers have even created special Easter flavors, like Gouden Carolus Easter Ale. This special brew is a perfect addition to any Easter celebration, offering a unique taste experience. It’s an inventive way to enjoy the holiday spirit with a flavorful twist. The ale is crafted with seasonal ingredients, blending traditional brewing methods with a festive flair, making it a must-try for beer aficionados and Easter enthusiasts alike.

Unique Spring Gifts from Fancy Fortune Cookies

For those who don’t want to go the traditional candy route for Easter baskets, companies that offer alternative products like Fancy Fortune Cookies can offer their own unique products as part of holiday promotions. These unconventional Easter gifts offer a sweet surprise with personalized messages. They’re a creative alternative to traditional Easter candies and chocolates.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Unique Spring Gifts from Fancy Fortune Cookies

Goodwill Easter Egg Hunt

Goodwill shoppers are familiar with the concept of hunting for deals or specific products. So some stores also host Easter egg hunts around the holiday, where each egg hidden around the store has an additional discount or special offer inside. This event combines the excitement of treasure hunting with the joy of finding great deals. It’s a fun way for shoppers to enjoy the Easter spirit while discovering hidden discounts.

Unique Easter Basket Ideas from Thrift Town

Thrift Town took another approach to encourage people to shop for secondhand goods for their Easter purchases. The company compiled some examples of unique Easter basket ideas on its blog to show shoppers how they can put together their own collection of gifts while saving money on purchases. Fun initiatives like this inspire customers to be creative and eco-friendly with their Easter gifts.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Unique Easter Basket Ideas from Thrift Town

Williams Orthodontics Throwback Contest

Whether your business is traditionally associated with Easter or not, you can host a fun online contest related to the holiday to get your customers involved. This throwback photo contest from Williams Orthodontics is a great example. Just have customers submit old Easter photos for a chance to win a prize or discounted product or service. This contest is a delightful way to engage customers by sharing personal Easter memories. It’s a fun, community-building activity that also promotes their services in a festive light.

Spudshed Selfie Contest

You can also create an Easter contest intended to create more in-store interaction. This selfie contest from Spudshed encouraged customers to grab a selfie with the company’s owner when they see him around stores in the days leading up to Easter. This creative in-store event enhances customer engagement and creates a personal connection with the brand.

20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions - Spudshed Selfie Contest

Egg Costume Photo via Shutterstock

Innovative Approaches to Easter-themed Promotions

While Easter is traditionally associated with candies and gift baskets, businesses across various industries have demonstrated that creative marketing strategies can successfully tap into the holiday spirit. Here are some inspiring examples of non-traditional Easter promotions that can serve as inspiration for your own small business.

  • Beef Jerky Outlet Beefster Basket: The Beef Jerky Outlet offers a savory twist on the typical Easter basket by providing a “Beefster Basket” – a unique alternative to the candy-filled baskets usually associated with the holiday.
  • Cigar City Brewing Eggs & Kegs: Cigar City Brewing in Tampa capitalizes on the holiday with its “Eggs & Kegs” event, providing an adult-oriented Easter experience with a focus on craft beer.
  • Newegg Hunt for Deals: Computer parts retailer Newegg creatively incorporates its brand name into the holiday spirit by presenting promotions like “egg hunt for the best deals” to engage shoppers.
  • Virtual Easter Egg Hunt from FreeflyVR: Businesses in the virtual reality sector, such as FreeflyVR, leverage the online environment to host a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, engaging customers and offering them the chance to win prizes.
  • Happier Easter Deals from Insight Vacations: Insight Vacations targets those seeking non-traditional holiday experiences by offering travel deals for a unique Easter vacation in Europe.
Beef Jerky Outlet Beefster BasketThe Beef Jerky Outlet introduces a unique "Beefster Basket," offering a savory alternative to the traditional candy-filled Easter baskets.
Cigar City Brewing Eggs & KegsCigar City Brewing's "Eggs & Kegs" event caters to adults, providing a craft beer-focused Easter experience, deviating from the conventional holiday celebrations.
Newegg Hunt for DealsNewegg, a computer parts retailer, creatively incorporates its brand by hosting an "egg hunt for the best deals," engaging shoppers with tech-themed Easter promotions.
Virtual Easter Egg Hunt from FreeflyVRFreeflyVR, in the virtual reality sector, offers a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, enhancing online interaction by encouraging users to find hidden eggs for prizes.
Happier Easter Deals from Insight VacationsInsight Vacations taps into non-traditional holiday experiences, offering travel deals for a distinctive Easter vacation in Europe.

These examples showcase that any business, regardless of its core offerings, can infuse creativity into Easter promotions to engage customers and align with the festive spirit of the holiday.

Embracing Creativity Beyond Tradition

The examples provided here underscore the notion that a successful Easter promotion is not limited to businesses that traditionally deal in candies or gift baskets. Across diverse industries, innovative approaches have proven that the holiday spirit can be captured in creative ways, attracting customers and fostering engagement. By thinking outside the conventional Easter-themed box, businesses can tap into the festive atmosphere and offer unique experiences that resonate with their audience.

From virtual reality Easter egg hunts to savory beef-themed baskets, the diversity of these promotions showcases the potential for imagination to drive success. Businesses can leverage their brand identity, adapt their services, and even invent new experiences to align with the holiday’s themes. These examples serve as a reminder that innovation knows no boundaries, making Easter an opportunity for all businesses to connect with customers in distinctive and memorable ways.

In a world where consumer preferences and trends evolve, embracing creativity beyond tradition can be a key differentiator in capturing attention and fostering customer loyalty. As these examples demonstrate, the essence of Easter promotions lies in the ability to infuse the holiday spirit into your brand, products, or services in a way that resonates with your target audience. By doing so, your business can carve its own niche in the Easter market and create lasting impressions that extend beyond the holiday season.

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