eBay Celebrates Inaugural Recommerce Day with 2024 Recommerce Report


The first-ever Recommerce Day from eBay took place on May 21, celebrating the release of its 2024 Recommerce Report. The report, now in its fourth year, offers insights into the motivations of eBay buyers and sellers around pre-loved shopping. This year, eBay expands its focus to include global consumer trends and sentiment, surveying over 28,000 people worldwide.

eBay’s inaugural Recommerce Day celebrated the growing trend of pre-loved shopping and its benefits for consumers and the environment. With influential advocates like Alicia Silverstone and support from legislative bodies, Recommerce Day highlighted the importance of the circular economy.

Recommerce Day Highlights

eBay’s homepage featured a takeover dedicated to Recommerce Day. Visitors learned about recommerce, found great deals on pre-loved items, and participated in an eBay Live program showcasing exclusively pre-loved products.

eBay partnered with actress and sustainability advocate Alicia Silverstone to highlight the benefits of recommerce. Silverstone, a passionate environmental defender, frequently shares her preference for shopping pre-loved items to support a more sustainable lifestyle.

“I’m thrilled that more people are getting involved in the circular economy, both buying and selling,” said Silverstone. “I shop pre-loved on eBay because it brings me joy and helps reduce waste.”

Jamie Iannone, eBay’s CEO and President, emphasized eBay’s commitment to recommerce. “eBay has been a driving force behind recommerce. We continue to invest in tools and technology that fuel the circular economy,” he said. “Our inaugural Recommerce Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of shopping sustainably.”

Key Findings from the 2024 Recommerce Report

The 2024 Recommerce Report reveals that global consumers, including current eBay users and general shoppers, are increasingly turning to pre-loved shopping for unique items and great values. The report also highlights the environmental benefits of recommerce.

Growing Popularity: Pre-loved shopping is gaining traction, particularly among younger generations. The survey found that 59% of global consumers bought pre-loved goods in the past year. Over 70% plan to buy pre-loved goods this year. The highest participation was among consumers aged 18-24, with 65% buying pre-loved goods in the last 12 months.

Environmental Impact: Consumers appreciate the positive environmental impact of recommerce. Shopping pre-loved helps reduce waste and supports sustainable practices.

Legislative Support for Recommerce

Recommerce Day has garnered legislative support. State Senator Dave Cortese introduced a resolution in the California State Legislature to recognize May 21 as Recommerce Day. The city of San Jose, CA, also declared May 21 as Recommerce Day. These resolutions aim to boost interest in pre-loved shopping and promote sustainable practices.

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