eBay on Global Expansion Path

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eBay is on a global expansion bid.

As I noted in an earlier post, eBay reported astonishing growth in its latest quarterly numbers. When you examine the numbers closely, much of the growth is coming from markets outside of the United States. The U.S. market accounted for 32% growth. That’s less than half the growth rate for markets outside the U.S., which grew 76% year-over-year.

As this article in eCommerce Times notes, eBay has recently made acquisitions in:

  • Germany – Mobile.de (autos)
  • India – Baazee.com
  • China – EachNet
  • Korea – Internet Auction Co.

If you want to see where the next hot eCommerce markets are across the globe, just watch where eBay is expanding. Everywhere eBay goes, opportunity for small businesses follows. Millions of eBay sellers in these countries will benefit, not to mention the myriad of businesses that inevitably pop up to service and support eBay sellers.

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