eBay Changes Strategy, Etsy Opens First Retail Store and More

eBay Changes Strategy, Etsy Opens First Retail Store and More

eBay was once the biggest name in ecommerce. But the online auction site has fallen behind other big names like Amazon. Now, eBay has plans to make a comeback, which involves making some major changes.

And eBay wasn’t the only ecommerce company to make changes this week. Handmade business giant Etsy opened its first physical store in New York City.

These headlines and more are included in this week’s Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup.

Retail Trends

eBay Plans to Challenge Amazon, Announces Turnaround Strategy

eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig has announced an eBay turnaround strategy for the ecommerce company. At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Media Conference in San Francisco on Feb. 10, Wenig revealed that the company is thinking more as a merchandiser or retailer, instead of just an open marketplace. “We’re changing from an unstructured to highly structured marketplace,” said Wenig.

Etsy Opens its First Physical Store in Macy’s in NYC

The Macy’s in New York City’s Herald Square just got a new tenant as Etsy announced its plans to open an Etsy store (a pop-up shop) inside the retail store. The Etsy store in New York City will be currently featuring somewhere over 50 products which would include household items, jewelry and stationery.


Could Some of Your Employees be Leaving in 2016?

You’re a small business owner and you’ve hired several employees. You spend time training and pay them during the time they’re climbing their learning curve. Finally, you have a group of employees that are functioning well, requiring less supervision, working efficiently. Then some quit and you’re stuck again, training and paying more people to learn to do the job.

Seattle Minimum Wage Case Taken to Supreme Court

The International Franchise Association (IFA) has taken its fight against Seattle’s new $15 an hour minimum wage hike to the U.S. Supreme Court, BlueMaumau reported recently. This follows a lower-court ruling that tossed out the IFA’s June 2014 lawsuit against the city, challenging part of Seattle’s new law to increase the minimum wage.


American Express Partnership With Costco Ends, Shifts Gears to Fundera

Looking for financing options to fund your small business? You now have a new option to consider on online marketplace Fundera. A new partnership between American Express and Fundera sees Fundera expanding its small business funding marketplace to now include American Express OPEN charge cards.


Live Streaming Versus Live Events: What is Permitted?

Your clients and fans don’t always have access to industry events, so it’s tempting for a small business to want to bring viewers along for the ride with live streaming. When allowed, it can be a unique reason for followers to come back and engage with you. But some live events prohibit live streaming, while others have inconsistent or even non-existent policies.

Marketing Tips

Google Will Discontinue Flash Ads in 2017 (So Update Your Displays)

Poor Adobe Flash Player. Everyone seems out to get it — and now that includes Google. Google is moving toward the use of HTML5 in the ads displayed on its ad network. Starting June 30, 2016, display ads built in Flash can no longer be uploaded into AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Snapology Makes Interactive Learning Fun

When a company or program can get kids to learn, most would consider that to be a win. But when a company or program can get kids to learn while also having fun, that’s even more impressive. And that’s exactly the type of learning that Snapology aims to offer. Read more about the company and its unconventional learning tools in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

Social Media

Myspace Sold – Again

Myspace has changed hands again. The once go-to social media site is now in the hands of TIME Inc. TIME actually gets hold of Myspace after acquiring the early social network’s parent company, Viant. MySpace was one of the first social-media sites founded in 2003 by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. It was sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in 2005 for $580 million.

Technology Trends

Cities Scramble to Attract Google Fiber

The demand for the new definition of high-speed Internet is at a new high. Cities are now actually trying to create an inviting business atmosphere in the hopes they can attract a company offering gigabit Internet. Google Fiber is, of course, one option for the new brand of broadband.

Can Wearable Technology Threaten the Cyber Security of Your Business?

These days, the most vulnerable spot in your company’s cyber security walks in and out of your front door multiple times a day. That’s right – long gone are the days when your data lived safely behind firewalls. Sensitive information now lives within mobile clothing and accessories such as wristband fitness trackers, transaction-enabled devices and even bras.

Gmail Will Warn You About Accounts that are Unsecured

Google has shown its commitment to ensure that your email is more secure. The company has introduced a new security feature for Gmail that will alert you and let you know if the account you are sending to or receiving from is secure.

Square Reader Offers Caviar Catering for Business Events

Managing food at business events just got easier — if your business is located in one of the cities covered by San Francisco-based food delivery service, Caviar Catering. The company has launched a new service called Caviar for Teams to allow business users to order food deliveries for as many as a few hundred people.

What to Do If a Touch ID Error “Bricks” Your iPhone

A new error message that’s rendering iPhones useless and unusable has caused a stir on the Internet and beyond. Thanks to Error 53, thousands of iPhone users from all over the world have been left with a bricked device.

Image: eBay

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