Best Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternatives

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As a business besides making sure your products are shipped safely and on time you can also improve your image by showing you also care about the environment. By investing in eco-friendly packaging, you are showing your customers your sense of social responsibility. As a retailer, one way to instill eco-friendly practices in your business is to limit the use of plastic in your product packaging and shipping materials. This includes offering eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap.

Unfortunately, plastic bubble wrap is not a sustainable form of packaging. Not only is it unrecyclable, but it also increases our carbon and environmental footprint. Customers too are more and more concerned about what role they play in the production and sourcing of the products they purchase.

Eco-friendly packaging is mostly made from biodegradable, recycled material to help reduce waste and encourage conservation. Their manufacturing process is also efficient, further reducing the negative impact on the environment.

From recyclable plastics to biodegradable materials, there is seemingly no end to the options available to the environmentally-conscious business. Here are seven options your business can consider when it comes to bubble wrap.


 Best Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternatives 


Ranpak Ready Roll Geami Protective Paper

Ranpak Ready Roll Geami Protective Paper Cushioning Wrap

Top Pick: If you don’t want plastic at all, Ranpak offers a 100% paper-based, biodegradable and curbside recyclable option. The honeycomb cell design also eliminates the need for tape because they interlock themselves. The roll is made from a combination of kraft and tissue paper and you don’t need scissors to cut it.

The roll can protect glassware, houseware, pottery, electronics, artwork, decorations and more.

Ranpak Ready Roll Geami Protective Paper Cushioning Wrap (Bubble Alternative)

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Realpack Recyclable Antistatic Bubble Wrap

Realpack Recyclable Antistatic Green Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

Runner Up: RealPack’s anti-static bubble wrap is ideal for providing your merchandise protection while in transit and keeps packed contents free from damage from electrostatic. The eco-friendly bubble wrap is made from a soft textured polyethylene material and weighs 4.64 pounds. Its sealed air bubbles offer cushioning and shockproof features. The bubble wrap comes in green color and comes in 27.95 x 20.08 x 20.08-inch dimensions.

Realpack Recyclable Antistatic Green Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

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EcoBox Cushion Bubble Wrap

EcoBox 24-Inch x 300-Feet Biodegradable Bubble Cushion Wrap

Best Value: EcoBox offers a biodegradable bubble wrap with a 125 feet long and 12-inch wide roll. This bubble wrap comes in blue and contains a special formula called d2W which causes the bubble wrap to breakdown after you throw it away and it is in a landfill. The bubble wrapper’s air-filled protect from jostles and jerks, keeping fragile items safe from damage while in transit or storage. Weighing 2.25 pounds it comes with 1/2-Inch bubbles and is perforated every one foot to guarantee strong protection and ease of use.

EcoBox 24-Inch x 300-Feet Biodegradable Bubble Cushion Wrap with 3/16-Inch-Tall Bubbles

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KTOB Biodegradable Bubble Envelopes

6x10 100% Biodegradable Bubble Mailers

KTOB’s biodegradable envelope bubble wrap is made of Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT) and modified corn starch. Weighing 1.46 pounds one packet comes with 25 envelopes in 6×10 inches dimensions. The envelopes come with a strong self-adhesive glue for easy packaging which is perfect for packing precious merchandise and more. The envelopes have a shelf life of 12 months and are great for mailing smaller breakables jewelry, make-up, photos, and much more.

100% Biodegradable Bubble Mailers, Compostable Padded Packaging Wrap Envelopes Pouches Eco Friendly Self Seal Bags

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Airsaver Eco Friendly Cushioning Air Pillows

Airsaver Pack 175 Pre-Filled 4" x 8" Green Eco Friendly Cushioning Air Pillows

Airsaver’s eco-friendly cushioning air pillows is another green packing solution. Made with Low-Density Polyethylene materials this packaging is 1.2 ml thick and can be reused unless punctured. The air pillows offer vibration protection and cost less than traditional packaging materials. Each package comes with 175 prefilled airbags in 4 x 8-inch dimensions. They are durable yet they also help to reduce shipping costs.

Airsaver Pack 175 Pre-Filled 4″ x 8″ Green Eco-Friendly Cushioning Air Pillows from

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Bubblefast Biodegradable Poly Mailing Bags

 Unlined Biodegradable Self-Seal Poly Mailing Bags

Bubblefast’s brown biodegradable poly mailing bags are self-sealing and come in 10 x 13-inch dimensions. This is a packaging solution for items like clothing, documents or other materials that don’t require padding. They come with a tamper-proof peel and water resistance. They are made from polyolefin plastic that is 100% recyclable and bear the green earth-friendly seal.

Unlined Biodegradable Self-Seal Poly Mailing Bags

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RUSPEPA Kraft Paper Poly Envelopes

RUSPEPA Kraft Paper Poly Envelopes Mailer

RUSPEPA’s kraft paper poly envelopes come in 9.3 x 13-inch dimensions with 25 envelopes in one pack. The robust 100% recyclable mailing bags can protect dresses, shirts, documents, and other items during transit. The waterproof envelopes are made from oiled kraft paper which comes with two peel and seal strips, which makes them reusable. This makes them ideal for round trip (two way) fulfillment of samples, replacement parts, exchanges and returns.

RUSPEPA Kraft Paper Poly Envelopes Mailer, Self Seal, 100% Recyclable, Reusable Packaging

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Eco-Friendly Features

Eco-friendly is all about using materials and manufacturing methods that have minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment. This type of packaging is not just about minimizing the amount of wrapping, it also includes package design, processing as well as the entire product lifecycle. Some features to look for when looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution include:

  • Biodegradable:  It is important that the material in the packaging supply is biodegradable and has minimal impact on the environment. Recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials. When deciding on boxes, mailers, or containers it is important to consider using packaging that’s made out of recycled materials. Paper-based packaging is one of the most common examples of recycled packaging.
  • Lower shipping costs: Eco-friendly packaging may require some initial investments upfront to create your sustainable packaging toolbox but they do guarantee good returns in the long run. Look for packaging solutions that are cost-effective and can cut your shipping costs. Light but durable eco-friendly packaging can make a significant impact on shipping freight costs. In addition, using smaller boxes, bags, and containers for your products can also lower your shipping costs.
  • Compatibility with merchandise: Make sure that the packaging materials are a good match for your products. Ask whether your merchandise needs cushioning or is sturdy enough to only require protection from the elements.
  • Multipurpose uses: Besides packaging, look for materials that can have other applications after they have been used for packaging. For example, you can use them as cushioning material.


 Types of Eco-friendly Packaging Material

  • Biodegradable plastic: These are available in bulk and are used for making plastic bags, mailing envelopes and other packaging materials. When discarded they can easily decompose and do not linger in perpetuity polluting the environment and are good alternative to traditional plastics.
  • Corn starch: It has plastic-like properties and is a good substitute for plastics. Packages made from corn starch are biodegradable and have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Another advantage of using cornstarch is that it is safe for packaging food items.
  • Mushroom packaging: Is a fairly recent alternative to both bubble wrap and Styrofoam, Mushroom packaging consists of 100% biodegradable and renewable material that can be recycled directly. It resembles foam, is durable as well as being flame resistant. It is completely renewable and biodegradable.
  •  Paper: Paper and cardboard are reusable, easily recyclable, and biodegradable materials. They are safe, cheaply available in the market, and are affordable, as a result, they enjoy great popularity among package manufacturers.


Using environmentally friendly products is not difficult. The key is to start with one thing and keep adding more things. If you haven’t started, maybe you can do so with your next purchase of an eco-friendly bubble wrap.


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